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The process of achieving greater awareness, as of one's own needs or of a political or social issue.

con′scious·ness-rais′er n.
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the process of learning to recognize one's own needs, goals, and problems or those of a group to which one or someone else belongs.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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Pie begins and ends with images of Santos at the forefront of a political demonstration, and nothing, from first image to last, for 128 minutes, is allowed to spontaneously or slyly deviate from the logic off her consciousness-raising.
Synthesis, a paper produced by the Earth Charter Education Advisory Committee in 2001 "to articulate an educational philosophy for the Earth Charter and identify priority tasks for the education programme," notes that the Charter "can be used to achieve three key educational objectives: consciousness-raising; application of values and principles to local and global problems; and a call for action and partnership amongst all sectors and actors."
All of the top schools employ diversity professionals who specialize in what she calls "multicultural consciousness-raising," the kind of race- and gender-based teaching that used to be confined to the universities.
The long climb out of addiction is the painstaking construction of a sort of ladder of self-knowledge, of which words are the rungs; in Nelle Morton's striking phrase about feminist consciousness-raising, A.A.
Wolfe and Foder (1977) compared modeling-plus-behavior rehearsal (BT), modeling-plus-behavior rehearsal-plus-rational therapy (RBT), and a consciousness-raising group (CR) to a control group.
In it, a wife new to Stepford starts a consciousness-raising group because she is appalled that all the women in her town wear flowery print dresses and seem satisfied with their domestic servitude.
Essays on consciousness-raising by Sarachild, Allen, Arnold, and Gornick provide a poignant conclusion to a section of the reader brimming with the bravado and visionary power of the often contradictory messages emanating from radical women's groups in the politically charged 1967-1975 period.
Canadian Churchman reported that while we have been developing new consciousness-raising projects and programs and asking other churches to "buy into" our concerns, we have overlooked the contribution of the Canadian Council of Churches.
For starters, I propose the following list to be passed around; discussed with your ladies' auxiliary, your consciousness-raising group, your collective; and then revised, refined, added to, deleted from, substituted, whatever:
Thanks again to The Physician Executive for providing several outstanding consciousness-raising articles in the March/April issue.
In that context, the Governing Board noted that major oil-producing countries have already announced their readiness to take remedial actions if any serious problem associated with Y2K should occur.Members of the Governing Board reviewed the Agency's own activities in this regard, including a series of Y2K consciousness-raising seminars in Caracas, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Moscow and Prague.
That many of these events are embodied in autobiographies, in consciousness-raising groups, and in social work dictates does not make them less "events," only more interesting as such.