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vb (tr)
(Military) to conscript
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v.t. -scribed, -scrib•ing.
1. to constrict or limit; circumscribe.
2. to force into military service; conscript.
[1540–50; < Latin conscrībere to enroll, enlist =con- con- + scrībere to write]
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Cemal Pasha used an iron fist to suppress the Arabists by executing several elite and prominent Syrians, exiling them to Anatolia and other parts of the empire, confiscating their property, forcing the common and rural people to conscribe and send them to the Egyptian front for the war.
And yet Sherwin ultimately saves himself (if not his paycheck) by making a leap into the refuge of storytelling in the powerful terms of lying, of fictions that can be the greatest weapons of self-defense against the individual and societal forces that conscribe self-expression.
Each may contain limits or face challenges that conscribe its potential to make biomedicine so inclusive that its benefits accrue to all and its risk of harm is spread among those who can bear it.
The Hutterites are a branch of Anabaptists who conscribe to a common set of religious and social beliefs.
Others viewed extant coercion as simply one more limitation of freedom that young people would need to negotiate among the many others that conscribe their behavior; as with other clients working to conform their behavior to societal norms, it was the responsibility of the social worker to help youths negotiate these limits (Pray, 1945).
Even though the two tribunals exercise their inherent powers on a different scale, both tribunals are competent not only to limit their use of power but also to appropriately conscribe their use of power consistent with international norms on the use of inherent powers.
"This comes as part of the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Defence and Sultan's Armed Forces to conscribe and employ citizens who desire to join the military as part of policy to implement the Royal Orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for the employment of 50,000 citizens," a spokesman said.
This comes within the efforts undertaken by the Defence Ministry and Sultan's Armed Forces to conscribe and employ citizens who desire to join, in implementation of the Royal Orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said regarding the employment of 50,000 citizens.
If the Confederate Government can conscribe one officer of the State, it may conscribe another....
What if identity in itself is limiting because it conscribes and binds and creates boundaries that keep in as much as they keep out?
535, lines 23-26: 'Hoc tantum facias, ut me cotidie profunde recogites; verba mea diligenter advertas, et ea in corde tuo conscribes. Ex visis in me doloribus et angustiis considera et pensa ea, quae tibi in proximo superventura sunt.'
Ibrahim, who conscribes to the secular stream within the Coptic community, denounced how the pope's opinion was taken in matters such as the appointment of a Coptic minister or state official.