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1. A sequence or succession.
2. Logic The relation of consequent to antecedent; deduction.

[Middle English consecucioun, attainment, from Latin cōnsecūtiō, cōnsecūtiōn-, orderly sequence, from cōnsecūtus, past participle of cōnsequī, to follow closely; see consequent.]


1. (Logic) a sequence or succession of events or things
2. (Logic) a logical sequence of deductions; inference
[C16: from Latin consecūtiō, from consequī to follow up, pursue]


(ˌkɒn sɪˈkyu ʃən)

1. succession; sequence.
2. logical sequence; chain of reasoning.
[1525–35; < Latin consecūtiō, derivative of consecū-, variant s. of consequī to follow, succeed]
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1. A way in which things follow each other in space or time:
2. A number of things placed or occurring one after the other:
Informal: streak.
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The macroeconomic factor such as growing urbanization coupled with up gradation in infrastructure and an increase in consecution activities is further augmenting the sales for sand washer.
Thus, making use of political and legal appeals tenants gained time to prevent immediate urban interventions, lengthening the process in the quest for the consecution of new majorities in following elections.
According to a recent Deloitte study regarding the benefits of implementing 3D printing in construction, it is faster as it offers 50 to70 per cent reduction in consecution time based on increased automation.
As this mechanism constitutes the last resource to end an independence movement involved in a violent national conflict, it must not interfere in the context of political struggle for the consecution of such emancipatory expectations.
Dewey believed that participation is a key element in achieving social change, as only those who participate and contribute to the consecution of common goals truly realize the necessity of a true democratic society (Honnet, 1998, p.
At the meeting with Suleiman Jasir Al-Herbish, besides the road consecution between the capital of BH and GoraA3/4de, the BiH representatives also talked about further investments of the Fund in the energy sector in BiH.
'It is our right to welcome our Supreme leader Nawaz Sharif, Mian Nawaz Sharif is not going to stressed by punishments and corruption of a single penny hasn't been proven against him, this decision was the consecution of the pervious decisions, on July 25 the public will vote PML-N on their performance' she further added.
Legitimidad Crimen organizado Institucional Sociedad civil compuesta de y grupos heterogeneos sociedad Conflicto mas viejo y geograficamente civil mas extendido en America Latina Funcionamiento efectivo de la democracia esta condicionado por la violencia, corrupcion, y clientelismo politico La exclusion y la desigualdad es la fuente principal del conflicto Interaction compleja de relaciones de poder que afectan la consecution de la paz La violencia tiene raices historicas y los determinantes son politicos, economicos y sociales Desminado Paramilitares y Desarme Persiste el crimen organizado.
Such examples constitute research projects by Kerawalla, Luckin, Seljeflot and Woolard (2006), who searched the potential of AR in teaching the Earth-Sun interaction and day-night consecution, the EcoMobile programme (Kamarainen et al., 2013) concerning the use of the particular technology in environmental education and a large number of research games in open spaces, such as Outbreak at MIT, Environmental Detectives, Gray Anatomy etc.
Each individual gave at least 15 mL of saliva in consecution in 7-8 days.
Consecution of 106 newly diagnosed T2D patients met inclusion criteria (58 men and 48 women, age 53.50 [+ or -] 9.84 years, body-mass index 24.85 [+ or -] 3.20 kg/[m.sup.2], HbA1c 9.92 [+ or -] 1.83%, and mean fasting plasma glucose 10.84 [+ or -] 2.88 mmol/L) and were admitted to the study.