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1. Following as an effect, result, or conclusion; consequent.
2. Having important consequences; significant: "The year's only really consequential legislation was the reform of Social Security" (New York Times).
a. Important; influential: a consequential figure in the academic community.
b. Pompous; self-important: "He's a proud, haughty, consequential, turned-up-nosed peacock" (Charles Dickens).

con′se·quen′ti·al′i·ty (-shē-ăl′ĭ-tē), con′se·quen′tial·ness n.
con′se·quen′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.consequentially - having consequence
inconsequentially, inconsequently - lacking consequence; "`You're so beautifully dressed,' she said and added quite inconsequentially, `Can you stay the night?'"
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adv (= as a result)daraufhin
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Placidly, though rather consequentially smiling, she sat stitching away with a regular sound, like a sort of dimpled little charming Dresden-china clock by the very best maker.
However, it seems that Salvini whose party outperformed all coalition partners in the recent European elections wanted elections hoping it would give his party an absolute majority in the parliament and consequentially a mandate to form a purely right-wing government or at least a consolidate its role in the government.
Plasmids are extrachromosomal DNA found in bacteria and are associated with the genes for antibiotic resistance which are often exchanged between bacteria and consequentially, are seen by many to embody a serious threat to global health.
Consequentially, the government of Pakistan drafted certain laws for them that include issuance of health cards for treatment, right to choose their gender and to have that dentity on official documents, including national identity cards, passports and driver's licences.
The aircraft will be grounded for some time for repair work and consequentially affect our schedule on some routes, the spokesperson said.
So, you must consequentially adjust for the man on grade level two, grade level three, grade level four and five, because that man on GL 1 step 1 has overtaken them with his new payment.
dollar, should oil and other commodity prices be consequentially suppressed.
If this price increase will have implemented it will further boost inflation rates and consequentially both people and businesses will suffer.
Consequentially, other income during 9MFY19 arrived at PKR 3,975mn compared to PKR 2,306mn in SPLY, up by 72% YoY due to exchange gain on foreign currency account.
In a nutshell, amid concerns over air pollution and consequentially tougher regulation and higher taxes, there has been a sharp fall in the sale and manufacture of diesel cars.
He said lack of an integrated energy planning in past affected our energy sector and consequentially the country's economic growth.