conservation law

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conservation law

Any of various principles, such as the conservation of charge and the conservation of energy, directly related to principles of symmetry and requiring some measurable property of a closed system to remain constant as the system changes.
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conserva′tion law`

any physical law stating that a quantity or property remains constant during and after an interaction or process.
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Some 92 participants from 74 companies attended the latest Meralco Power Up forum to discuss the intricacies of the new Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law last June 28.
They cover history, accumulation, and ownership; the oil and gas lease; titles and conveyances: interests in oil and gas; oil and gas conservation law and regulation; environmental regulation of the oil and gas industry; contracts and transfers by the lessee; and federal, state, and Indian lands.
President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Energy Efficiency and Conservation law, which would institutionalize energy conservation in the country.
The Conservation Law Foundation, town of Durham and a group of Durham residents have asked the Site Evaluation Committee to reconsider its decision to grant Eversource a certificate to build a 13-mile transmission line from Madbury to Portsmouth.
In an emailed reply to Muscat Daily, Brig Rashid bin Salim al Badi, director general of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations, said, 'The cases concerning violation of Natural Reserves and Wildlife Conservation Law are followed by the ROP.
The workshop will include firearm and boating safety, waterfowl identification, duck and goose calling, gear selection, wildlife conservation law, as well as drawing for blind selection and meeting their mentors.
Bart Melton, NPCA's Northern Rockies regional director, in the Casper StarTribune, describing a draft bill that would revamp the Endangered Species Act, a cornerstone of conservation law. NPCA, which strongly opposes the proposed legislation, launched a new web feature last month highlighting some of the 600 or so threatened and endangered plants and animals with habitat In national parks.
A man who got nailed for catching yellow-margined box turtles by using baited traps in eastern Taiwan on August 15 and referred to prosecutors for an alleged violation of the country's wildlife conservation law faces grim consequences, according to a news release issued by Forestry Bureau on August 16.
Also, it disclosed that on March 8, 2018, the company received notice from the Toxic Actions Center and the Conservation Law Foundation of their intent to sue the company over alleged violations of the Clean Water Act at the NCES landfill.
Friedmann equations, the ordinary energy-momentum conservation law (OCL) (or the continuity equation), and its compatibility with the Bianchi identity (BI) are the backbone of the standard cosmology which forms the foundation of our understanding of cosmos [1].
Firstly, if ([T.sup.x1], [T.sup.x2], ...) is a conserved vector corresponding to a conservation law, then

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