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Noun1.conservation of electricity - the principle that the total electric charge of a system remains constant despite changes inside the system
conservation - (physics) the maintenance of a certain quantities unchanged during chemical reactions or physical transformations
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Power division, Gul told the National Assembly has informed that solarization and internal conservation of electricity of public sector buildings could bring multiple advantages of clean and affordable energy at a sustainable level and savings in electricity bills.
Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul in her written reply said a proposal is being submitted by Prime Minister's Solarisation Programme, in which power division has informed that solarisation and internal conservation of electricity of public sector buildings can bring multiple advantages clean and affordable energy at sustainable level, savings in electricity bills.
Meanwhile, Police Colonel Bernard Banac, PNP spokesperson, added that the electric supply in the main camp was also being cut for a brief period in the afternoon to help in the conservation of electricity.
As a result, Engro was able to reduce its electricity consumption and registered 42% conservation of electricity. Similarly, a 56% reduction in paper usage, 82% reduction in waste and 44% reduction in carbon foot print against baseline benchmarks were also witnessed.
"The GCC region appears best suited for PPP opportunities considering the sustained lowered hydrocarbon prices," continues the report, adding: "While a few countries are more advanced than others in the legislative process, supported by authorised institutions, the others seem to be focusing on exploring this project delivery model." The MENA Power Industry Outlook 2019 also reveals that much of the investment will be focused on diversification and conservation of electricity with a renewed emphasis on solar, renewables and smart grids, which continue to gain region-wide momentum.
by Times News ServiceThe aim of the lecture was to raise awareness among its employees about the conservation of electricity in their residential properties, as well as their workplace.
Mr Asif called upon the government to devise a policy for conservation of electricity, gas and water.
He also pointed out that to end energy crisis in Pakistan one of the key issue is conservation of electricity.
He underlined the importance to generate electricity to meet future needs and said that conservation of electricity was more important than its generation.
Throughout the year, DEWA launches a comprehensive set of innovative initiatives, programmes, and rationalisation activities for the residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors to encourage everyone in society to adopt positive behaviour in their daily lives to contribute to the conservation of electricity and water.

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