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 (kən-sûr′və-tər, kŏn′sər-vā′tər)
1. A person in charge of maintaining or restoring valuable items, as in a museum or library.
2. A protector or guardian: "a conservator of cherished values and regular order in governing institutions" (William Greider).
3. Law One placed in charge of the property or personal affairs of an incompetent person.

con·ser′va·to′ri·al (-tôr′ē-əl) adj.
con·ser′va·tor·ship′ n.


(Law) law US the legal status of a person appointed by a court to protect the interests of someone, such as a child, who is unable to manage his or her own affairs
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This website will ease the task of an online search for an attorney in the area of probate, estate administration, guardianships, conservatorships or estate planning for opposite-sex and same-sex couples.
sharply reduccd compensation, the latest reductions will result in total reductions during the conservatorships of roughly 75 percent in the pay of the top five positions at each enterprise, with none of the top 10 compensated positions at either enterprise filled with pre conservatorship incumbents.
By comparison, as of April 18, there were seven credit union failures, including conservatorships and liquidations, Keefe said, adding that the NCUA does not provide estimated losses as the FDIC does.
Guardianships, conservatorships, and transfers to minors, 2009 revision, 5th ed.
TMZ reported: "There are actually two conservatorships - one over Britney, the person, and the other over Britney's business affairs.
Conservatorships are established when a court determines someone cannot take care of themselves or their affairs.
The bill also requires probate courts to review conservatorships, including the financial records related to the conservatorship, within six months after appointment of the conservator and annually thereafter.
Antonovich gives caregivers recognition, several other experts will be discussing Medicare, powers of attorney, conservatorships, coping with stresses of care giving, behavior management of brain-impaired adults and respite services, which give caregivers a break from their duties.
These resolutions include 262 conservatorships that were inherited from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on August 9, 1989.
Changes enacted since 1987 have made it particularly difficult for the casual observer to detect differences among the three forms of insolvency resolution: receiverships, conservatorships, and bridge banks.
Afternoon sessions covered a wide variety of topics, including privacy protection and identity theft prevention for seniors, health insurance (including Medicare Part D), elder financial abuse, conservatorships, real estate scams, law enforcement efforts, consumer protection, and many other issues.
com, a comprehensive website that provides individuals and family members quick and easy access to basic information, definitions and forms relating to probate matters such as estates and guardianships, including estate planning, probating wills, administrations, guardianships of persons, conservatorships and fiduciary services within Georgia.