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v. con·served, con·serv·ing, con·serves
a. To protect from loss or harm; preserve: calls to conserve our national heritage in the face of bewildering change.
b. To use carefully or sparingly, avoiding waste: kept the thermostat lower to conserve energy.
2. To keep (a quantity) constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary changes.
3. To preserve (fruits) with sugar.
To economize: tried to conserve on fuel during the long winter.
n. (kŏn′sûrv′)
A jam made of fruits stewed in sugar.

[Middle English conserven, from Old French conserver, from Latin cōnservāre : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + servāre, to preserve; see ser- in Indo-European roots.]

con·serv′a·ble adj.
con·serv′er n.
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adj conservador; breast-conserving surgery cirugía conservadora de mama
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They are too busy keeping their feet dry, conserving their heart-beats, and making unlovely life-successes of their spirit-mediocrity.
"He spends all his time on the ranch in conserving the soil.
"My name is Tom," I explained, "and I am from a country beyond Caspak." I thought it best to propitiate him if possible, because of the necessity of conserving ammunition as well as to avoid the loud alarm of a shot which might bring other Band-lu warriors upon us.
Conserving Bounties takes unused, but perfectly edible, food from the likes of the Four Seasons and Sheraton.
LAHORE -- Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Lahore was successfully conserving more than 11 million gallons water daily by adopting several measures under the guideline of Judicial Water Commission established by the Lahore High Court in February.
For his part, Al-Shaer stressed the IUCN's keenness to strengthen the partnership with various organizations, as well as public and private institutions that are concerned with conserving the environment and raising awareness of how to meet the environmental challenges, praising the CDD's role and efforts to conserve environment.
Previously, we never had the opportunity to study the conservation projects and I had hardly heard of any in Lahore but since 2015, I am observing that WCLA is conserving the monuments.
'It's about time for everyone to help contribute to saving our environment and fight against climate change through conserving electricity,' said Rabbie Carvajal, chief of the Environmental Education and Information Unit of DENR-EMB 6.
Electrolyte recovery is critical to achieving positive contribution margin and Aqua Metals is now conserving 67% of its target for electrolyte recovery.
Egypt's Ministry of Environment announced that the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) won the AEWA Conservation Award, at The 7 th Session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP7), for conserving waterbirds, in accordance with the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA).
With more and more areas struggling with drought like conditions, conserving water is more important than ever.