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n. pl. con·si·glie·ri (-rē)
An adviser, especially to a leader of an organized crime syndicate.

[Italian, from Latin cōnsiliārius, from cōnsilium, advice.]


n, pl consiglieri (ˌkɒnsɪɡlɪˈɛərɪ)
a trusted adviser, esp in a criminal organization
[Italian, from Latin consiliārius, from consilium advice]


(ˌkɔn siˈlyɛ rɛ)

n., pl. -ri (-ri) Italian.
a member of a criminal organization or syndicate who serves as an adviser to the leader.
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Chacon will take over a team previously led by Giampaolo Consigliere, who will now assume the role of the bank's Miami Market CEO.
It was made by Michael Cohen, Trump's close confidant and consigliere, a man who knows the president very, very well.
He also took his most desperate swipe at Jeff Sessions, declaring, like a mafia boss speaking of a consigliere who's turned state's evidence,"I have no attorney general." Sessions, you see, committed the unforgivable sin of appropriately recusing himself from the Russia probe, a chain of events that led to the tapping of Robert Mueller as special counsel.
The Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country tells an amazing story: how followers of an Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, managed by his ruthless consigliere, Ma Anand Sheela, tried in the early 1980s to forge a fully independent polity for themselves in a thinly populated part of central Oregon.
Mark Pirie The movie world's most famous mafia consigliere has become Airdrie's latest big-name signing.
Part goodwill ambassador, part court consigliere, she has the most access to her father.
I don't want to do anything until we just talk about this, because everything has a consequence." I see him as the consigliere of the group.
On the smaller platters, picked up a split 7" with Todd Congelliere--does anyone ever call him Todd Consigliere? I'm going to start--and Apocalypse Meow.
Every hurtful racist stereotype was trotted out by the wealthy Old Etonian banker, who seamlessly progressed from an aide to Margaret Thatcher to Cameron's consigliere.
Life becomes a balancing act between the role he finds himself playing and the search for who he really is: the down-and-out actor or the mob consigliere?
"The relationship between the lawyer and company back then was very old-fashioned--it was more of a consigliere, part of the team," she said.
City council cabinet member for Development, Transport and the Economy, Coun Tahir Ali, was scheduled to meet with representatives from Consigliere di Milano, Municipe di Milano, and the British Consul in Milan to explore stronger trade links between the two cities.

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