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v. con·signed, con·sign·ing, con·signs
1. To give over to the care or custody of another.
a. To put in or assign to an unfavorable place, position, or condition: "Their desponding imaginations had long since consigned him to a watery grave" (William Hickling Prescott).
b. To set apart, as for a special use or purpose; assign: "South American savannas [that are] now consigned to grazing" (Eric Scigliano).
3. To deliver (merchandise, for example) for custody or sale.
v.intr. Obsolete
To submit; consent.

[Middle English consignen, to certify by seal, from Old French consigner, from Latin cōnsignāre : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + signāre, to mark (from signum, mark; see sekw- in Indo-European roots).]

con·sign′a·ble adj.
con′sig·na′tion (kŏn′sī-nā′shən, -sĭg-) n.
con·sig′nor, con·sign′er n.


(kənˈsaɪnə; ˌkɒnsaɪˈnɔː) or


(Commerce) a person, enterprise, etc, that consigns goods


(kənˈsaɪ nər, ˌkɒn saɪˈnɔr)

also con•sign•er


a person or company that consigns goods or merchandise.
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Noun1.consignor - the person who delivers over or commits merchandise
shipper - someone who ships goods


[kənˈsaɪnəʳ] Nremitente mf


[kənˈsaɪnər] nexpéditeur/trice m/f


n (Comm) → Versender m


[kənˈsaɪnəʳ] nmittente m/f
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This model should be built by linking several worksheets that give as final results, the consignor cost, the company overall cost incurred, and the consignor profitability analysis, as well as an orientation about the used capacity.
Aditro Logistics has inaugurated a new warehouse in Stockholm, in association with Consignor.
The principal is the person on whose behalf the Transport Agreement shall be concluded and shall be performed its ancillary operations and the consignor is the person who undertakes to conclude on his own behalf and on behalf of the principal, the transport agreement.
The consignor deserves to get more money back for their premium luxury items.
The court stated that QBE did not prove that a party who does not appear on the AWB as shipper/consignor or consignee has standing to sue on behalf of the consignor or consignee.
However, the decision was met with some surprise yesterday by consignor Willie Browne, who said: "We'll support the Tattersalls Ireland sale, but I can't see why they wouldn't stage the Craven in the old Guineas slot.
A consignor has enhanced rights to the goods delivered to the consignee so long as the consignor satisfies all the requirements for a protected consignment interest.
When the freight (per package or piece) weighs 500 pounds or more, however, the consignor is required to perform the loading and the consignee is required to perform the unloading.
In addition, DHL assists clients in obtaining certification as a known consignor from Germany s Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt LBA).
Consignor Ted Voute "Either sell the Tote to racing or give the entire proceeds to racing.
See what happens when a consignment vendor fails to file a UCC financing statement as part of its consignment arrangement with a financially troubled customer--the consignor loses to the customer's bankruptcy trustee
OPENLANE's Consignor Summit is the perfect forum for attendees to hear from industry leaders how to incorporate an online remarketing strategy into their businesses, as well as discuss how current auto remarketing trends are affecting the state of the industry in Canada.