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The agreement of two or more inductions drawn from different sets of data; concurrence.

[Probably coined by William Whewell (1794-1866), British scientist and philosopher, as if from New Latin *cōnsilīre, to leap together (Latin com-, com- + Latin -silīre, combining form of salīre, to leap, as in resilīre, to leap back; see resile) + -ence.]

con·sil′i·ent adj.


showing consilience
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Robin Ali, head of Practice at Consilient, helped other states implement regulations, and believes regulation is the biggest challenge for the whole health insurance law.
He and other philosophers of the seventeenth century were laying foundation stones for the Enlightenment, imagining a future of consilient knowledge that was defined not just by a wide-ranging set of rational observations but by a rational structure for reality itself.
This agreement has been executed between the company's wholly owned subsidiary Orexigen Therapeutics Ireland Ltd and Consilient Health Ltd.
The evolution and ages of Makgadikgadi palaeo-lakes: consilient evidence from Kalahari drainage evolution.
2015 The consilient Mr Wallace: how he and Darwin independently used the same method to arrive at natural selection.
The hybrid nature of the Eukaryota and a consilient view of life on Earth.
Interpretation is the logical channel of consilient explanation between science and the arts" (230).
Rather than grafting "some kind of additional claim to empirical validation" (25) onto fiction, as Foley believes, game theory reveals the infrastructure of the documentary novel, thereby conforming to Joseph Carroll's exhortation that sociobiology become consilient with "the interaction of instinctive biases and general intelligence" (84).
Cross-disciplinary education and training can only be done after securing specialized knowledge; moreover, this specialization can only be built with new, consilient and applied knowledge (Gudas 2009).
Interpersonal neurobiology ("IPNB") is a consilient field of study (that is one which seeks common findings among independent disciplines (Wilson, 1998)), pioneered by Dr Daniel J Siegel at UCLA, which explores the ways in which relationships and the brain interact to shape our mental lives (Siegel, 2012a).
Thus, only primordialism is scientifically consilient.
Consilient research approaches in studying gene x environment interactions in alcohol research.