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This section presents the valuable concept of ishtiqaq akbar (larger etymology) towards a deeper understanding of the science of Arabic roots (particularly triliterals) where letter transmutation often parallels similar meanings as in hamd (praise) and madh (compliment), but the author should have mentioned that the concept also includes entirely replacing one letter while preserving the original order, as in khatm (sealing)--which Baydawi glossed as katm (concealing) under al-Baqara 2:7--or in the semantic consimilarity of nafaqa, nafada, nafadha, nafasa etc., which all share the meanings of through passage and termination as long as the first two letters are n-f.
The authors in [16-18] have provided the consistence of the matrix equation AX - [bar.X]B = C via the consimilarity of two matrices.
Hartwig, "Consimilarity and the matrix equation A[bar.X] - XB = C," in Current Trends in Matrix Theory, pp.