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1. Friendly or cooperative association, as between groups or organizations.
2. Ecology A subdivision of an association having one dominant species of plant.
3. A political arrangement in which various groups, such as ethnic or racial populations within a country or region, share power according to an agreed formula or mechanism.

con·so′ci·a′tion·al adj.


(kənˌsoʊ siˈeɪ ʃən, -ʃi-)

1. the act of uniting in association.
2. an association of churches or religious orders.
3. a climax community in which one species is dominant.
[1585–95; < Latin]


 a confederation of churches or religious bodies; an alliance or confederation.
Examples: consociation of acts of providence, 1645; of churches, 1646; of many of the worst acts, 1649; of good spirits, 1656; of tribes for plunder or defence, 1804.
References in classic literature ?
One was the artist Holgrave, who, in spite of his consociation with reformers, and his other queer and questionable traits, continued to hold an elevated place in Hepzibah's regard.
Kasapovic (Zagreb) in 2005 imposed and installed the term of consociation as territorial separation of the people in Bosnia and as the only possible model for the organization of the political system in Bosnia, followed by an orchestrated story of federalization and electoral units.
Moreover, this assurance also includes the promise of community, the consociation which allows for communities and the families within these communities to hold the celebration of Phra Wet's life.
Governing Ethnic Conflict Consociation, Identity and the price of peace, New York: Rutledge.
constitutional recognition using the principle of consociation.
European shareholder states were a consociation of sometimes cooperating and frequently competing powers: kings contended with nobles, contended with the church, contended with free cities and trade associations, and so on.
Consociation in Bonsia and Herzegovina: Practical Implementation of the Theoretical Principles.
In [7], the authors proposed a scheme to detect SSDF attack by dynamic learning the behavior of SUs in cooperative spectrum sensing (CCS) but they did not analyze the consociation of attackers.
The solutions that these groups offered, federation and consociation, reflected the prevailing politics in these nations.
Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena called on all political parties to end politics of conflict and extend a helping hand to strengthen the politics of consociation initiated by the government.
1]), slippage in percentage of front (PRD) and rear wheels (PRT), mean traction force--FT (KN) and mean power on drawbar--PB (kW) in the consociation system of Urochloas with maize in different modalities of seeding Treatments V PRD PRT Forages Modalities U.
89v/ And the advantage of Consociation (p) makes the Communication of the good of (a) one to another more ready, facile and usefull, and by this meanes one Man is (b) as it were mortis'd into another and contiguated (29) by the comunication of offices and supplying of wants each of other; (c)