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1. Friendly or cooperative association, as between groups or organizations.
2. Ecology A subdivision of an association having one dominant species of plant.
3. A political arrangement in which various groups, such as ethnic or racial populations within a country or region, share power according to an agreed formula or mechanism.

con·so′ci·a′tion·al adj.
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But the performance of female legislators, their political and consociational approach to the general masses and the outcomes of the representation in their constituencies have not been epitomized.
Moreover, language became embroiled in Malaysia's increasingly race-based politics, such that it became a 'discursive tool to be deployed for the purpose of maintaining racial boundaries in a consociational state whose political claims to power and hegemony would come to depend on their maintenance' (p.
Asked about past barriers to curbing corruption, Salamey said, "The major obstacle stems from the fact that the Lebanese government is consociational and there is no separation of power.
Even in the best scenario, Lebanese democracy is operated by consociational procedures whereby communities haggle with each other rather than work in the interest of a greater national benefit.
In the debates within the national assembly - which also framed the new constitution after the separation of East Pakistan in 1971 - the joint narrative of the Left of the opposition for a consociational democracy can be clearly seen.
Lebanon's political system, variously described as confessional, sectarian or consociational, functions on the basis of pre-agreed institutional arrangements and a division of power between the country's eighteen recognized religious and ethnic communities.
Pakistan at the moment needs a consociational system of democracy as well as creation of multiple autonomous administrative units where local population should be in control of their own affairs.
The consociational executive, a coalition between the Democratic Unionist Party (founded by the late Ian Paisley) and Sinn Fein, collapsed in January 2017 when the two parties were unable to agree on a number of issues, including legislation to protect the Irish language and to legalize same-sex marriage, both of which were opposed by the DUP.
Our political system is called consociational politics - which means each group has its elites which come together, representing racial and religious groups, and they share power among each other.
Since then, a coalition of political parties under the BN has governed Malaysia by adopting the idea of a power-sharing or consociational political system, where each ethnic party and community must cooperate for the purpose of conflict avoidance and nation-building.
The DUP have so far been the main beneficiaries of the triumph of the extremes over the centre that has been a feature of Northern Ireland's consociational model of governance.