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1. Friendly or cooperative association, as between groups or organizations.
2. Ecology A subdivision of an association having one dominant species of plant.
3. A political arrangement in which various groups, such as ethnic or racial populations within a country or region, share power according to an agreed formula or mechanism.

con·so′ci·a′tion·al adj.
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The DUP have so far been the main beneficiaries of the triumph of the extremes over the centre that has been a feature of Northern Ireland's consociational model of governance.
Loizides addresses the following research questions: Why do some societies choose federal or consociational institutions to accommodate ethnic or religious variety while others avoid doing so?
This article will analyze the political framework established by the 1995 Dayton agreement and examine it in the light of pervasive ethnic divisions, broken consociational democracy and continuous international supervision.
In this book, Karolina Prasad attempts to study how institutions, particularly political parties, play a role in changing ethnic identities in consociational and centripetal polities.
Federal formation and consociational stabilisation: the politics of national identity articulation and ethnic conflict regulation in India and Pakistan.
The consociational arrangements adopted by the GFA were an institutional formula to include sharply polarized unionist and nationalist cleavages into the political system.
The political system of Iraq is a confessional democracy, based on Arend Lijphart's consociational model.
They did so by championing moderate measures: federation for Britain and a Canadian federation that was avowedly consociational.
Rosemarijn Hoefte and her collaborators at the Caribbean Expert Center of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies in Leiden, take us through this long, and extended, century with careful objectivity and attention to the late colonial period, the trials of consociational (i.
For the community to retain a say in Lebanon, it must return to the principles of the National Pact and the consociational system.
1) Two major schools of thought, the consociational and centripetal schools, (2) each claim to best address this issue.
Ninety-five years after the creation of its current borders and 70 years after independence, Lebanon has failed to amalgamate the many nations that inhabit it and while it harbours democratising tendencies -- it is the only functioning democracy in the entire region on account of its extreme levels of tolerance -- the consociational democracy was under duress.