consolidated fund

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Consolidated Fund

(Economics) Brit a fund into which tax revenue is paid in order to meet standing charges, esp interest payments on the national debt

consolidated fund

n (Brit Fin) → konsolidierter Staatsfonds, unablösbare Anleihe
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On behalf of the Chairman Standing Committee on Finance, a member of the Committee Senator Mohsin Leghari presented special reports regarding separation of cadres of Accounts and Audit in order to avoid conflict of interest and legislation in respect of the Federal Consolidated Fund and Public Account.
notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing provisions relating to financial matters, at any time when the National Assembly stands dissolved, the Federal Government may authorise expenditure from the Federal Consolidated Fund in respect of the estimated expenditure for a period not exceeding four months in any financial year, pending completion of the procedure prescribed in Article 82 for the voting of grants and authentication of the schedule of authorised expenditure in accordance with the provisions of Article 83 in relation to the expenditure.
Ministry of Railways had informed Department of Expenditure that all proceeds from sale of tickets through IRCTC website/counters go to Consolidated Fund of India through Ministry of Railways and such transactions should be considered as Government receipts.
During his State of the Nation address last month, President Weah promised to reduce his salary and benefits by 25% and give the proceeds back to the consolidated fund for allocation and appropriation as they see fit.
Any increase in income generated by CPEC projects will come into Federal Consolidated Fund for further distribution between Federation and Provinces .
The Secretary said that NFC award was distributed according to set criteria and any increase in income generated by CPEC projects will come to into Federal Consolidated Fund (FCF) for further distribution between federation and provinces.
While delivering the ruling, Justice Ombwayo ordered the government to pay the money from the Consolidated Fund.
Kenya Women Parliamentary Association deputy chairperson Rosa Buyu said the consolidated Fund should be channelled to the grassroots through the Woman Representative offices.
Of the remaining e1/460 million, 35/60 (e1/435 million) will go into the national resolution fund, and 25/60 (e1/425 million) will be paid into the Consolidated Fund of the Republic.
While the civil aviation ministry argued that since security is a sovereign function, the money should come from the consolidated fund of the Government of India, the finance ministry is said to have suggested that the burden should be passed on to the air travellers.
The Act makes Aadhaar number necessary for certain subsidies, benefits and services, the expenditure for which is incurred from the Consolidated Fund of India.
Sharma has sought initiation of criminal prosecution against those who have illegally authorised the release of this money from the Consolidated Fund of India.

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