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v. con·sol·i·dat·ed, con·sol·i·dat·ing, con·sol·i·dates
1. To unite into one system or whole; combine: consolidated five separate agencies into a single department.
2. To make strong or secure; strengthen: She consolidated her power during her first year in office.
3. To make firm or coherent; form into a compact mass.
1. To become solidified or united.
2. To join in a merger or union: The two firms consolidated under a new name.

[Latin cōnsolidāre, cōnsolidāt- : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + solidāre, to make firm (from solidus, firm; see sol- in Indo-European roots).]

con·sol′i·da′tor n.
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1. a person or thing that consolidates
2. (Commerce) a company that offers flight tickets for a variety of different airlines, usually at a reduced price
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The company will continue to evaluate its remaining investment in Cardlytics against its stated strategy as a consolidator in the loyalty and travel space, as well as its capital allocation priorities.
Last week, the government introduced strict regulations to guide cargo consolidation in shared containers to curb tax evasion and ease clearance of goods at the ports.The regulations contained in the Finance Bill 2019 allow the Kenya Bureau of Standards and the Kenya Revenue Authority to vet and register all consolidations of air and sea cargo before importation of cargo into the country by a consolidator.
No "monumental revelations" came out of the event, but it reinforced his Buy rating and overall investment thesis, said Schappel, who sees the company as a consolidator in the relatively mature ECM/EIM software space.
Tantiv4 helps build bespoke software solutions, including voice enablement, for Consumer Electronics Brands and Industrial Smart Device OE Spiridon is a consolidator of IoT and related technology providers.
1 March 2019 - Las Vegas, US-based shortline railroad consolidator United Rail, Inc.
The first copy is to be placed at the topmost portion of the box, the second copy to be kept by the sender, and the third copy is to be given to the Consolidator to be forwarded to the BOC together with other documentary requirements.
The latest figures represent a key milestone for Michael Edwards, the managing director of flight consolidator Aviate, after he chose to leave further education and dive straight into the hotel industry.
The Boston-based research firm said that it anticipates a "rapid evolution of competitors and business models" in the consolidator space going forward.
Napitupulu said each side needs to have a consolidator to collect information on the available products that can be exchanged "because this is totally private-driven."
Here's a valuable example of what Lucht calls the "consolidator sites'' such as and
Phoenix, which has five million policyholders and is the UK's largest consolidator of closed life assurance funds, tumbled more than 20% earlier in the session before closing 85p down at 652p.