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consonance, consonancy

agreement, consistency.
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[English courts cannot] make a law, properly so called, for that only the king and parliament can do; yet they have a great weight and authority in expounding, declaring and publishing what the law in this kingdom is, especially when such decisions hold a consonancy and congruity with resolutions and decisions of former times.
That to give some tolerable Elenchus Capitum Legis Naturalis [list of the heads of the natural law], one single medium is hardly sufficient, but (e) must be evidenced by Consonancy (f) and Concurence of severall instances concentring in the same Common Sentiments or Notions;
The House of Life sequence is replete with terminology related to musical performance, including references to instruments (hautboy, harp, lute, monochord), performers (minstrel, daughters of the daybreak, bird, sirens), techniques (modulation, choral consonancy, wave, echoes, silence), and compositions (voluntary, air, tune, strain, song, ditties, dirges, vesper-song) in addition to musical titles ("Broken Music," "The Song-Throe," "The Monochord," "Death's Songsters").