consonant rhyme

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Noun1.consonant rhyme - the repetition of consonants (or consonant patterns) especially at the ends of words
rhyme, rime - correspondence in the sounds of two or more lines (especially final sounds)
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1-10) a-estribillo --in which Cervantes employs consonant rhyme. Allied with the villancico is the zejel (cancion/baile), which Cervantes employs only in La casa de los celos ("Corrido va el abad / por el canaveral") and in Los banos de Argel ("Aunque pensais que me alegro, / conmigo traigo el dolor").
Words such as VOODOO and HOITY-TOITY, with an initial consonant change, fall into the 'consonant rhyme' group; but also in this group Tiedt includes oddities such as CLAPTRAP (in which two consonamnts are changed), and words which gain a consonant: ITSY-BITSY, TUTTI-FRUTTI and HARUMSCARUM.