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1. Being in agreement or accord: remarks consonant with our own beliefs.
2. Corresponding or alike in sound, as words or syllables.
3. Harmonious in sound or tone.
1. A speech sound produced by a partial or complete obstruction of the air stream by any of various constrictions of the speech organs, such as (p), (f), (r), (w), and (h).
2. A letter or character representing such a speech sound.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin cōnsonāns, cōnsonant-, present participle of cōnsonāre, to agree : com-, com- + sonāre, to sound; see swen- in Indo-European roots.]

con′so·nant·ly adv.
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Consonantly with his discourse in Dog Eat Dog, Mhlongo manipulates his protagonist University of Cape Town dropout Bafana Kuzwayo to yield to ephemeral pleasures distracting him from a self-defining project to qualify for the benefits of a modern post-apartheid South Africa.
Gabaldon's protagonist, the titular "Outlander" or Sassenach Claire, self-narrates her experiences consonantly but serves as a reliable secondary narrator of the future within the story, indicating for example who will lose at the Battle of Culloden and win the American Revolutionary War.
Consonantly, a study conducted in the south of Santa Catarina observed that hospitalizations for diabetes presented an upward trend in the population with basic ambulatory care rated as adequate (23).
between vocalically open and consonantly closed, and so is a fitting
So to whoever is consonantly complaining about us and hiding behind the Data Protection Act, I ask - please leave us alone and get on with your own life, so that we can spend our final days in peace.