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n. pl. con·spec·tus·es
1. A general survey of a subject.
2. A synopsis.

[Latin, from past participle of cōnspicere, to observe; see conspicuous.]


1. an overall view; survey
2. a summary; résumé
[C19: from Latin: a viewing, from conspicere to observe, from specere to look]


(kənˈspɛk təs)

n., pl. -tus•es.
1. a general or comprehensive view; survey.
2. a digest; summary; résumé.
[1830–40; < Latin: survey, act of seeing <conspec-, variant s. of conspicere to see]


a summary, outline, or general view of a situation.
See also: Representation
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Noun1.conspectus - an overall summary
summary, sum-up - a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form; "he gave a summary of the conclusions"


[kənˈspektəs] Nvista f general
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Johnny Gilman, Comment, Carnivore: The Uneasy Relationship Between the Fourth Amendment and Electronic Surveillance of Internet Communications, 9 COMMLAW CONSPECTUS 111 (2001).
A detailed "state-of-the-art" conspectus of publications on Candi Prambanan is here offered; these, it is plain, possess a remarkable degree of relevance, especially where dating of the monument and its religious matrix are concerned.
In her short but stimulating paper Asbee considers the levels of inaccessibility, intended by O'Brien to alienate the reader, which result from the disruptive presence of the Conspectus, a 'work' whose actual existence she is unable to prove or disprove.
Each article in the "Accessory" and "Sub-group" categories provides a good conspectus of the different types of texts concerned, expertly and even wittily on occasion set forth by established specialists.
In addition to the reproductions and conspectus, there are appended a transliteration of the letters, biographical sketches of major collectors, and a short bibliography.
The material collected here derives from various transcriptions made from the original 'office-book' (now lost) kept by Herbert whilst Master of the Revels, and although much of this material is already in print, Bawcutt proposes that 'the present edition represents the first attempt to bring it together so as to present the fullest possible conspectus of Sir Henry's varied activities' (p.
The conspectus of the textual and musical sources is, in and of itself, a highly useful contribution.
The Research Libraries Group Conspectus Project has been one of the more successful cooperative collection development efforts in building collections of participating institutions that complement each other.
Lowinger, Untying the Web of Network Elements: How the FCC Should Regulate Operational Support Systems, 6 COMMLAW CONSPECTUS 277 (1998).
Lorna Irvine's bibliographical essay combines a review of English-language criticism of the two writers in focus with a preliminary conspectus of comparative approaches to their work.
1-16, a masterpiece of bayan and igaz) Hourani later published in a seminal article, "Ethics in Medieval Islam: A Conspectus."(3) In this article he developed two sets of two criteria, based on method and sources, in order to classify types of Islamic ethical thinking.
Two recent books, as well as a third that I shall discuss presently, together provide an interesting conspectus of what we now know, don't yet know, and may hope to know in this field.