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The quality of being conspicuous; obviousness.
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One of the best ways to increase your conspicuity or presence on the road is to wear specially designed high-visibility clothing.
While they may cost $600 or more, there's value in performance of seeing better for landing and taxiing, plus improved conspicuity by leaving the LED lights on all the time.
Billions of rupees are laundered with impunity right under the nose of the regulators, while hundi and hawala operators continue to function, though with less conspicuity. The terrorism financing threats also keep on haunting an already fragile economy.
The high visibility clothing is intended to provide conspicuity of the wearer in any light condition when viewed by operators of vehicles or other mechanized equipment during daylight conditions and under illumination of headlights in the dark.
In Yoruba mythology, the elephant, due its huge size, is given a pride of place as a symbol for affluence, greatness, conspicuity and other attributes that one can relate to size.
Of the various requirements for effective communication, none are more important than interpretability and conspicuity. Bud Light achieves the former by borrowing the food & beverage ingredients/nutrition labeling format, long familiar to consumers.
The conspicuity of objects on the road, the most important source of information enabling tracking of the moving car, includes moving elements located in the field-of-view.
The company has also added new upgrades, features and expanded lines of such traditional product offerings as Trailer Door Safety Straps, Heavy-Duty Strap Bands, Heavy-Duty D-Rings, Lever Binder Locks, and Reflective Conspicuity Flags.--Kinedyne LLC, Branchville, N.J., 800/848-6057 (U.S.), 800/268-3530 (Canada); talog_2018
The solution automatically generates consistent views of head CT studies and provides automated quantitative measurements and subtraction series to increase conspicuity of changes between exams.
It generates automated quantitative measurements and subtraction series to increase conspicuity of change between exams.
We retrospectively evaluated fat suppression uniformity and lesion conspicuity. All 79 patients were included in the evaluation of fat suppression uniformity.