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1. Easy to notice; obvious: a conspicuous flaw in the construction.
2. Attracting attention, as by being unusual or remarkable; noticeable. See Synonyms at noticeable.

[From Latin cōnspicuus, from cōnspicere, to observe : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + specere, to look; see spek- in Indo-European roots.]

con·spic′u·ous·ly adv.
con·spic′u·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.conspicuousness - the state of being conspicuous
salience, saliency, strikingness - the state of being salient
2.conspicuousness - high visibility
noticeability, noticeableness, obviousness, patency - the property of being easy to see and understand
obtrusiveness - an unwelcome conspicuousness
strikingness, boldness - the quality of standing out strongly and distinctly
visibility, visibleness - quality or fact or degree of being visible; perceptible by the eye or obvious to the eye; "low visibility caused by fog"
inconspicuousness - the quality of being not easily seen
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بُروز،ظُهور، لَفْت لِلنَّظَر
dobrá viditeľnosť


n (of person, clothes, behaviour)Auffälligkeit f; (= visibility: of road signs etc) → deutliche Sichtbarkeit, Auffälligkeit f; (= obviousness: of lack of sympathy etc) → Deutlichkeit f
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(kənˈspikjuəs) adjective
very noticeable. Her blond hair made her conspicuous in the crowd.
conˈspicuously adverb
conˈspicuousness noun
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This conspicuousness, aided by the characters of the host and hostess, gave the tavern an advantage over all its future competitors that no circumstances could conquer.
It is not a wonder to be bewildered by conspicuousness of a building whose colours are mixed with utmost expertise, making it stand out from others and thus striking dominance even in the presence of other taller buildings.
I point this out in a spirit not of defeatist resignation, but of activist participation; I like to think my interaction with the possibly resentful, but probably institutionally Hindered, Rabbinicist, no less than my interaction with the condescending anthropologist, demonstrates this with painful conspicuousness. I think it's almost always misguided to deduce from one's own professional career or treatment grand pronouncements about a field's objective state or intellectual foundations, but how can we not get worked up talking about the institutional ground of our very ability to speak relevantly?
Upon regaining conspicuousness, Nana Boaman lodged a complaint at the Police Headquarters, upon which Gariba and one Tahiru were arrested and arraigned before the court upon investigation by the police, who charged them with the offence of assault.
The females reduce the conspicuousness of unattended eggs by masking them with dry plants during laying period (Jenkins 1961).
For example, how people dress, the conspicuousness of their tattoos, and whether they support the arts signal information about them to others, such as potential employers.
According to the cleric, the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) cannot do it alone as a result of the complexity, dynamism as well as the conspicuousness that are always associated with elections in Nigeria.
Poretec, an eco-design active ingredient from Sederma, is aimed at reducing the conspicuousness of facial pores as a sign of aging.
His discovery not only shows that searching for comets didn't wait for the Moon to get out of the way but is also a dramatic illustration of M27's conspicuousness.
Researchers have often utilized concepts such as image congruity, customer satisfaction, and conspicuousness as key concepts in luxury product/service consumption.
The proposed "Mandatory Automatic Headlights On for Motorcycles Act" aims to enforce a low-cost method to reduce road crashes and prevent daytime and nighttime head-on, front-corner, and other forms of collision by increasing motorcycle conspicuousness and visibility.
His conspicuousness during Raila Odinga's swearing-in sent the message that he is serious with ODM."