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One holding a conspiracy theory.
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At this pivotal junction in history, industrial policy experts must not become drunk with the prospect of re-legitimation and bolster political movements that propagate messages of conspiracist scapegoating and cultural superiority.
What all such readers share is a conspiracist point of view: they think the scientific or economic consensus is in some way a hoax; that journalists and academics are gatekeepers who enforce a dangerous orthodoxy, often for personal gain or party benefit; and that honest commenters must demonstrate that the Opposition cannot be silenced.
Conspiracist ideation in Britain and Austria: Evidence of a monological belief system and associations between individual psychological differences and real-world and fictitious conspiracy theories.
JosephFarah (on CNP's board of governors), runs the conspiracist online "news" outlet, WorldNetDaily
In marked contrast to conspiracist thinking, the narrative of 9/11, even the calculated final tribute scene, directs viewers to an emotional response not unlike the fireman's realization of "how evil evil can be.
However, research published in Psychological Science in October found that people given to conspiracist thinking were just as able to accept randomness (gauged by their assessments of random number strings) as those who rejected conspiracy theories.
Chapter 1, oPowerful Secrets,o gives a brief history of conspiracies, conspiracy theories and conspiracist critiques.
Recursive fury: Conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere in response to research on conspiracist ideation.
Again, there's that veneer of plausibility to the idea of some grand oil related strategy - before the conspiracist goes off the rails.
In this way, Casolaro is the textbook conspiracist hero: starting from a place of healthy skepticism, then skating further out onto the ice of coincidence and the unprovable, chasing the one witness who will tie everything together.
I'm glad that the sober policy wonk side of libertarianism still has some life in it, in contradistinction to the hipster utopian conspiracist side.
And Weaver portrays Oswald's mother as a barking mad conspiracist, which seems fair enough.