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One holding a conspiracy theory.
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He's been called a sexist, misogynist, chauvinist, narcissist, fascist, nativist, corporatist, anti-Islamist, supremacist, conspiracist, jingoist (yes, I had to look that one up), egoist, alarmist, extremist, lover of a certain well-known communist and sadist.
Conspiracist thinkers have long claimed special knowledge about the secret workings of the world and its hidden levers of power.
THE ROW STARTED WITH ANTI-SEMITISM CLAIMS Cllr Garvey initially told The Gazette that Facebook posts he made between 2015 and 2018 - in which he criticises the Rothschild family, shares theories by conspiracist David Icke and compares Israel to the Nazi party - were not racist.
Conspiracist YouTube channel Secureteam10 discussed the unusual sighting in a video uploaded last weekend.
Populist or conspiracist End of Time writings are often dismissed as innocuous and low brow, and of little consequence to Muslim radicalization, whereas salafi-jihadi literature, as is evident from the Surabaya bombing case, can contribute to lethal outcomes.
Regarding psychological and personality variables and 9/11 specifically, Swami, Chamorro-Premuzic, and Furnham (2010) found that "9/11 conspiracist beliefs were linked with belief in other conspiracy theories, exposure to 9/11 conspiracist ideas, political cynicism, defiance of authority, and the Big Five personality factor of Agreeableness" (p.
When you have compassion for yourself, you silence your inner conspiracist and recognise yourself as worthy.
"Three degrees of Alex Jones" became a running joke: no matter where you started on YouTube, it was said, you were never more than three recommendations away from a video by the right-wing conspiracist who popularized the idea that the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 had never happened and the bereaved parents were mere actors playing parts in a murky conspiracy against gun owners.
"Any suggestion to the contrary from anonymous sources is conspiracist nonsense and should be treated as such.
And grotesques like alt-right conspiracist Billy Wayne Ruddick JR - who blames Obamacare for his diabetes diagnosis and rides about in a motorized scooter, not through disability, but because he wants to "conserve his finite energy" - and Rick Sherman, a Charles Bronson-esque ex-con who paints with his own excrement, made for some memorably cringeworthy creations.
But what is different about Erbakan's worldview is that his work is not the rant of a conspiracist journalist, but a political leader--a leader who created and inspired the movement that led to creation of Turkey's dominant party, in which Turkey's current leaders got their political education.