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One holding a conspiracy theory.
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The theories surrounding the death of Elvis Presley have been ramped up by conspiracists who believe there are inconsistencies in his doctor's 'truth'.
A good place to begin would be to recognise the danger of conflating conspiracists with controversialists, acknowledge that groundless invective is not representative of public opinion, and focus on the search for the truth.
"They're concerned generally on the sort of acceptance of trans people and the oversexualization of children." On the matter of transgender rights, the conspiracists are aligned with "normal" conservative politics; from the state legislatures to the White House, Republicans have made considerable hay out of attacking and overturning various protections that had been extended to trans people.
But Liberal conspiracists want us to believe that the meeting, ("Behind closed doors!" Went on for hours!"), was all about a secretive cabal plotting to make Canadians heat their homes and drive their cars with that foul-smelling liquid that oozes out of the very ground we walk on.
Its congregants also believe the Rapture to be to the first sign of the apocalypse and that immediately after the Antichrist will come onto the scene and usher in a new world order--a one-world government similar to what many conspiracists call the Illuminati.
Nothing brings out the optimists, pessimists and conspiracists quite like the first game of a baseball season, one of but 162, yet assigned superior significance when it matters more to the players only for the joy they share that the day is removed from the calendar, allowing them to settle in for a marathon.
But conspiracists today have introduced something new--conspiracy without theory.
And the conspiracists have a Frankfurt School theorist to blame for that: Herbert Marcuse.
In one swipe, he had neutralised the venom of all conspiracists. This rock solid ledge is the pathway to everyone's dream.
class="MsoNormalOne of the high profile supporters of the "birther movement", as the conspiracists came to be known, was real estate magnate Donald Trump, who became its ardent propagator.
For despite its invisibility, its deniability, and its appeal to the conspiracists and fake newsers in Moscow and beyond, we can trace the origins of this Novichok outrage.
Nunes, supported by a rotating coterie of conspiracists in Congress and the usual suspects on right-wing cable news, has laboured to divert attention from the expanding Russia investigation by tossing out sinister-sounding allegations of wrongdoing by federal law enforcement officials.