conspiracy of silence

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Noun1.conspiracy of silence - a conspiracy not to talk about some situation or event; "there was a conspiracy of silence about police brutality"
conspiracy, confederacy - a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
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In the English Club, where all who were distinguished, important, and well informed forgathered when the news began to arrive in December, nothing was said about the war and the last battle, as though all were in a conspiracy of silence. The men who set the tone in conversation- Count Rostopchin, Prince Yuri Dolgorukov, Valuev, Count Markov, and Prince Vyazemski- did not show themselves at the Club, but met in private houses in intimate circles, and the Moscovites who took their opinions from others- Ilya Rostov among them- remained for a while without any definite opinion on the subject of the war and without leaders.
- that enchanted horse and rider have passed a ravine and are climbing another slope to unveil another conspiracy of silence, to thwart the will of another armed host.
We, therefore, cannot understand why there seems to be a conspiracy of silence on their part.
Dino apparently made a deathbed confession in 2015, but Kerry said she is terrified a "conspiracy of silence" on the island will stop the story coming out.
He then turned to cabinet chairman and council leader Clr Tim Swift and said: "The answer to my question 'did officers expect the numbers coming' has been met by a conspiracy of silence. Can you answer that question now?" Clr Swift said it was assumed before re-opening that around 1.3 million people would visit in its first year and the numbers had been nearly double that, which was good news.
We must tear down the conspiracy of silence with which bishops and priests have protected themselves at the expense of their faithful, a conspiracy of silence that in the eyes of the world risks making the Church look like a sect, a conspiracy of silence not so dissimilar from the one that prevails in the mafia.
YOU HAD to feel a bit of sorry for Phil, which did not hide its disappointment over the small impact of its Rikkos scoop, which it labelled a "conspiracy of silence".
However, there has been a conspiracy of silence by Athletics Kenya, World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and the IAAF on cheating athletes.
Burdened by remorse about his part in this conspiracy of silence, he confessed that both our husbands were taken extralegally in a police operation directed by Bukit Aman.
It was a conspiracy of silence, but more women are finding the courage to tell their tales about how big producers like Weinstein exploited and left them feeling weak and helpless.
However, the case is complicated by an apparent conspiracy of silence, as many of the townsfolk refuse to cooperate with the police investigation.