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1. The act or an instance of conspiring.
2. A joint effort directed toward a goal.

con′spi·ra′tion·al adj.
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of or relating to conspiration
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They also report that there is "already conspirational talk of challenging Corbyn again in a year or 18 months".
India, May 25 -- We have had a surfeit of conspirational theories from the time of British India's "Divide & Rule" policy, to the mysterious disappearance of Subash Chandra Bose; Indira Gandhi's all weather "foreign hand", and now the BJP's tirade against "conversions"!
La respuesta requiere una reflexion atenta a los contextos historicos y culturales, pues narrativas individuales que nacen de la desterritorializacion o del exilio y que se convierten en textos estan cargadas de dificultades, y como lo sugiere Doris Sommer, estos textos nos advierten sobre la tendencia hacia una lectura que incita a un deseo de intimidad o "a conspirational intimacy over them" (2000: ix).
Recent terrorist attacks--from the Unabomber to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the spate of political bombings around the world that has followed 9/11--have stirred interest in The Secret Agent in the decade of its centennial, though as Tanya Agathocleous argues, "With its conspirational plot and cynical outlook, The Secret Agent arguably sheds more light on the logic of those who believe that the American government staged the World Trade Center attacks in order to further its own agenda than it does on the psychology of the 9/11 terrorists." Agathocleous's recent edition of The Secret Agent from Broadview Press offers a varied selection of historical and contextual materials, eminently suitable for the classroom or to provide an introduction to the novel.
Also the book shows that the world of academy is furtive, secretive, conspirational, pique and utterly narcissistic.
Although Eurabian networks pretend that this whole issue is another conspirational theory, references to this policy exist in numerous sources, not least in the French minister for foreign affairs, in OIC texts, and in U.S.
A unique, conspirational countenance fixed itself upon me at such times, as though the two of us were not an old woman and a little boy running errands in a car at all, but rather something of a different sort altogether: such as a pair one might glimpse, say, braving the breezes of the night sky, straddling the grooved, wooden shaft of an old broom.
Erasing the history of gay political disfranchisement makes it easier to vilify gay people as a powerful, conspirational class whose struggle for full equality threatens the American dream instead of fulfilling it.
When I asked her about her official status as the voice and expert of immigrant groups, she laughs and says in a conspirational tone: Yes.
The archive section for Monday, October 12, 1942 (Plot 312-13), featuring the antisemitic riots in America, provide the "counterhistorical" context to Seldon's mother's death, while giving clues to the understanding of the narrative, some of its key issues like "the eternal Antisemitism," and even its title "the Jewish conspirational plot against America." The ultimate chapter, "Perpetual Fear," which also takes place in October 1942, being centered on the climactic events that happened on Monday, October 12, 1942, is both the same and different: the boy's personal history differs from the "counterHistory" in the sense that it ultimately restores what, according to Hannah Arendt, "the eternal Antisemitism" doctrine contributes to suppressing: moral responsibility.
The lustre of his fame as the leader of the Irgun armed resistance against the British has not yet paled, and the most fantastic stories about his conspirational deeds are still current.