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Noun1.constant quantity - a quantity that does not vary
quantity - the concept that something has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable
parameter, parametric quantity - a constant in the equation of a curve that can be varied to yield a family of similar curves
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The acceleration due to gravity g is formulated as a constant quantity derived from the observation that free falling objects show the same value of [??].
Figure 6 presents the engine speed comparison between the target acceleration based control strategy (namely, target acceleration control in the following text) and the constant injection quantity starting control strategy (namely, constant quantity control in the following text).
It was easy to believe that, in the words of Samuel Beckett, the "tears of the world are a constant quantity."
Constant quantity of fluid is added at slow rate from Marriott's bottle into the compartment.
(6) If we use the number of loans and the number of deposit transactions as the quantity indicator of bank service output, we essentially assume that each loan or each deposit transaction represents a constant quantity of services.
While the design airflow for a given zone was about 50% lower for the ACB system than for the VAV system, the actual impact on annual fan energy is much different because: 1) the VAV system reduces airflow delivered to the zone as cooling loads decrease (whereas the ACB system delivers a constant quantity of primary air to the zone), 2) the VAV system benefits from system load diversity (whereas the constant-volume ACB system delivers design primary airflow to every zone all the time), and 3) the VAV fan energy use decreases exponentially as fan airflow is reduced.
In both cases the creep mutation is used, the gene, or genes, being "altered" by adding a constant quantity. The initial value of the mutation constant is 0.5.
t' is the time and [epsilon] ([much less than] 1) is a constant quantity.
Then, when the admixture particles modify lightly the frictions between the grains and fill the porosities of the granular structure (cement and aggregates) by releasing the water in these pores, the granular effect becomes favourable and leads to improving the workability of the fresh mix with a constant quantity of water, or to the reduction of water for a given workability and to improving the compactness of the mixture and the mechanical performances.
While at uniform rate of evaporation (close to the Langmuir one) the condensate contains constant quantity of tungsten ([congruent to]5 %), except insignificant increase in the central area, under conditions of intensive evaporation, when rate of carbon evaporation increases together with the melt temperature growth (see Figure 4), content of tungsten in carbon condensate at the periphery reduces to zero, while in central zone it significantly increases and localizes with maximum at 11 %.

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