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An alloy of 45 percent nickel and 55 percent copper, used chiefly in electrical instruments because of its constant resistance under variations of temperature.

[From constant.]
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(Metallurgy) an alloy of copper (60 per cent) and nickel (40 per cent). It has a high resistivity that does not vary significantly with temperature and is used in resistors and, with copper, in thermocouples
[C20: formed from constant]
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(ˈkɔn stənˌtæn)

an alloy containing approximately 55 percent copper and 45 percent nickel, used for electrical resistance heating and thermocouples.
[1900–05; constant + -an]
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Noun1.constantan - an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficientconstantan - an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient; used as resistance wire
copper-base alloy - any alloy whose principal component is copper
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The swelling budget deficit and constantan swelling of budget deficit and continuously widening fiscal black-hole, devouring the taxpayers' money, has compelled the government to jack up the prices of petroleum product, this time much bigger than the earlier doses of increases in the prices of these products.
Every process of cooking was divided into three stages (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), and the final stage had reached a final internal temperature of 75 [degrees]C as ascertained by an iron constantan (type J) wire thermocouple connected to a digital potentiometer (Mod.
For example, a flexible thermoelectric device was fabricated using chromel (90% nickel and 10% chromium) and constantan (55% copper and 45% nickel) layers covered by a flexible sheet made of polyimide and copper.
Constantan and Veronique Bugumba, their four sons and three daughters fled on foot across the savanna.
The electrical resistances are grids of constantan foil sealed in a polyimide film with a nominal resistance of 120 [ohm].
Typical thermocouples (TCs) are made from two different conductors, one with a large positive Seebeck coefficient and the other with a large negative coefficient-- for example, iron at +18.9 [micro]V/[degrees]C and constantan at -35 [micro]V/[degrees]C in a type J TC.
The strain gauges used in the system are the foil strain gauges made of constantan having a strain gauge constant K = 2.15, and base resistance R = 120 [OMEGA].
Adresen y Diehm (2006, 2011), constantan que los ninos y las ninas no existen solamente con relacion a los sujetos adultos.
For real-time measurement of temperature, temperature acquisition system consisted of a copper constantan thermocouple and Agilent 34790A data collector determination.