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tr.v. con·sti·pat·ed, con·sti·pat·ing, con·sti·pates
1. To cause constipation in.
2. To clog or make sluggish; obstruct.

[Latin cōnstīpāre, cōnstīpāt-, to crowd together : com-, com- + stīpāre, to cram.]
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Save the "constipating foods" like pomegranates, quinces, and apples for after the meal, and whatever you do don't eat them "in quantity."
Hassan Balaha also recommends a two-step bowel regimen, involving a constipating regimen for 5 to 7 days, followed by laxatives and lactulose for 2 days BEFORE initiating a regular diet--a very interesting idea, which I will share with my colleagues.