structural formula

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structural formula

A chemical formula that shows how the atoms and bonds in a molecule are arranged.
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structural formula

(Chemistry) a chemical formula showing the composition and structure of a molecule. The atoms are represented by symbols and the structure is indicated by showing the relative positions of the atoms in space and the bonds between them: H–C≡C–H is the structural formula of acetylene. See also empirical formula, molecular formula
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struc′tural for′mula

a chemical formula showing the linkage of the atoms in a molecule diagrammatically, as H–O–H.
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struc·tur·al formula

A chemical formula that shows how the atoms making up a compound are arranged within the molecule. For example, the structural formula of aspirin is CH3COOC6H4COOH, indicating that it is an acetate (CH3COO) of a phenyl (C6H4) organic acid (COOH). Since structural formulas can get quite long, formulas are usually given with all the atoms totaled up instead (in this case, C9H8O4). Compare molecular formula.
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Noun1.structural formula - an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule
molecular formula - a chemical formula based on analysis and molecular weight
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