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 (kŏn′stĭ-to͞o′shə-nə-lĭz′əm, -tyo͞o′-)
1. Government in which power is distributed and limited by a system of laws that the rulers must obey.
a. A constitutional system of government.
b. Advocacy of such a system.

con′sti·tu′tion·al·ist n.
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Noun1.constitutionalist - an advocate of constitutional government
advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
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This is an excellent choice of a strict construction constitutionalist," Abbott tweeted Monday afternoon.
He said that Quaid-e-Azam was a constitutionalist, who believed in democracy and social justice.
Shahid Ahmad Hashmat said that Quaid-e-Azam was a constitutionalist, who believed in democracy and social justice.
Hubby has proposed his own Chairman of the Senate for the Top Job, RR, a respected constitutionalist and long-standing democrat.
After a year vacancy left by that by the passing of the great Justice Antonin Scalia, we have delivered on a campaign promise made to the American people of nominating and confirming a strong principled constitutionalist who will protect the Bill of Rights, free speech, religious liberty, second amendment.
Constitutionalist David Rogers said: "The Queen will hit the roof and is likely to raise it with Mrs May at one of their weekly audiences before she signs it into law.
In short, the timeline of Making History in Iran between the 1860s and the 1940s goes through three historiographical phases: pre-Constitutionalist, Constitutionalist, and post-Constitutionalist.
It will be given by Dr Robert Poole (pictured below), Guild Research Fellow and Reader in History at the University of Central Lancashire, who said: "It began with a constitutionalist mass petitioning campaign emanating from London and proceeded through the Spa Fields meetings, the march of the Blanketeers and the Manchester rising to the last stand in Huddersfield and Pentrich (in Derbyshire).
Marwat concludes that Abdul Wali Khan was a true Pakhtun-cum-Muslim-cum-Pakistani nationalist who got himself recognized as a democrat and constitutionalist through his personal charisma.
Their topics include Article 41 and the right to appeal, the rise of the Chinese political constitutionalist school, objectives and ways of implementing the normative constitutional school, the rule of law in Taiwan's constitution, public participation in China's legislation, stability maintenance in an academic debate in the People's Republic of China, and constructing identity in tourism: the transformation of Zhongdian County into Shangri-La.
JEREMY Corbyn will not be able to dodge grovelling to the Queen when he joins the Privy Council, a constitutionalist has revealed.
4) In the end, both Ackerman and his popular constitutionalist counterparts agree on the one big thing that matters most: the American people are (and ought to be) the ultimate drivers of constitutional change.