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 (kŏn′stĭ-to͞o′tĭv, -tyo͞o′-)
1. Making a thing what it is; essential.
2. Having power to institute, establish, or enact.
3. Of or relating to the synthesis of a protein or an enzyme at a constant rate regardless of physiological demand or the concentration of a substrate.

con′sti·tu′tive·ly adv.
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The altered protein, or TRK fusion protein, becomes constitutively active or overexpressed, triggering a signaling cascade.
He and his team went on to discover that this is due to a particularly active gene for another channel -- the constitutively open channel NALCN, known as a "leak channel." The research group found that the expression of this channel was the only one that was significantly altered in the highveld mole-rat.
In an effort to rework the definition of philosophy around the theme of vulnerability, McLennan depicts the practice of philosophy itself as constitutively involved with vulnerability at an existential or pre-disciplinary level, suggesting that vulnerability is in the background of all disciplinary philosophical activity even if professional philosophers would downplay, ignore, or deny it.
Desani, Ahmed Ali, or Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain.) There is, we now realize in a way that Rao perhaps did not quite grasp despite his astute rendering of the problem of writing in English, no single "Indian voice" nor an "Indian temper and pace of thinking"; there is only a sense that in a country so complex and constitutively heterogeneous, it is not only the "Indian novel in English [that] is at a crossroads" (301, 303).
Platelet agonists at the sites of vascular injury induce activation of the low-level of constitutively expressed iNOS along with eNOS to stimulate platelet activation and aggregation to form homeostatic thrombi (8).
Second, Lin argues that a grand reconciliation can be effected between the two types of theory: it can be true both that pleasures are pleasures in virtue of the way they feel and that they are pleasures in virtue of how they are related to their subjects' favorable attitudes, so long as the attitudes that are constitutively related to pleasures are ones that feel a certain way.
To the Editor: Regulatory T-cells (Tregs), a subset of CD4+ T-cells, have the capacity to actively suppress immune responses and play a pivotal role in sepsis-induced immunosuppression.[1] B- and T-lymphocyte attenuator (BTLA) is a co-inhibitory receptor that is known to potently inhibit CD4+ T-cell function and to block prosurvival signaling in CD4+ T-cells.[2] Tregs constitutively express BTLA.
Expression is typically confined to the professional antigen presenting cell (pAPC) population, but has been shown to be constitutively and dynamically expressed on tumor cells.
(13) Their proposal appeals to motivated dispositions, which are dispositions "to behave-in-a-specific-way-for-a-specific-reason." (14) For Horgan and Timmons, Marie's opposition to stealing constitutively involves her possessing certain motivated dispositions concerning particular acts of stealing, such as
Two isoforms of COX are known: COX-1 is constitutively expressed, participating of physiological processes, whereas COX-2 is not detected in most resting cells, but can be induced by growth factors, cytokines, and proinflammatory stimuli (1).
Vector construction: The alfalfa small heat shock proteins (MsHsp23) cDNA fragment was ligated into the translation ligation initiation codon within the 5'untranslated sequence of the constitutively expressed cauliflower mosaic virus promoter (35S).