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 (kŏn′stĭ-to͞o′tĭv, -tyo͞o′-)
1. Making a thing what it is; essential.
2. Having power to institute, establish, or enact.
3. Of or relating to the synthesis of a protein or an enzyme at a constant rate regardless of physiological demand or the concentration of a substrate.

con′sti·tu′tive·ly adv.
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Two isoforms of COX are known: COX-1 is constitutively expressed, participating of physiological processes, whereas COX-2 is not detected in most resting cells, but can be induced by growth factors, cytokines, and proinflammatory stimuli (1).
pylori , some iron-uptake systems are constitutively expressed and iron uptake is not down-regulated in iron-replete conditions.
The trial is called BGBC004 and is designed to test the hypothesis that selective AXL inhibition with the once-daily oral small molecule bemcentinib is likely to reverse and prevent resistance to erlotinib, a therapy targeting constitutively active EGFR, indicating a pathway frequently upregulated in cancers, particularly NSCLC.
Vector construction: The alfalfa small heat shock proteins (MsHsp23) cDNA fragment was ligated into the translation ligation initiation codon within the 5'untranslated sequence of the constitutively expressed cauliflower mosaic virus promoter (35S).
To determine the nature of the expression of enzyme, either it expresses constitutively or inducible an experiment was conducted in LB broth in the absence or presence of chlorpyrifos (0.
A novel parvocellular subclass constitutively expresses secretagogin, a calcium-sensor, which is indispensable for CRH release.
Systemic mastocytosis is related to a constitutively activated receptor tyrosine kinase encoded by the KIT D816V mutation.
1B, HN3 and FaDu cells relatively overexpressed constitutively active STAT3 as compared to other tumor cells.
5) The erm gene can be expressed either constitutively (Constitutive MLSb phenotype) or inducibly (Inducible MLSb phenotype), where the gene product is either produced always or only in the presence of an inducing agent like erythromycin respectively.
It is evident that P otitidis constitutively produces a novel compound which may be the substance responsible for antimicrobial activity.
If candidate A associates with candidate B in a yeast strain employed for screening, this two-hybrid has all the function of an active transcription factor that enhances transcription of the reporter gene constitutively via binding to its cis-acting element, called the GAL4 binding site.
Constitutively activating Ras mutations are present in a significant proportion of colorectal adenomas and carcinomas.