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v. con·strict·ed, con·strict·ing, con·stricts
1. To make smaller or narrower by binding or squeezing.
2. To squeeze or compress.
3. To restrict the scope or freedom of; cramp: lives constricted by poverty.
To become constricted.

[Latin cōnstringere, cōnstrict-, to compress; see constrain.]

con·stric′tive adj.
con·stric′tive·ly adv.


(Clothing & Fashion) (of a garment) tight
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Adj.1.constricting - (of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom
narrow - not wide; "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"


[kənˈstrɪktɪŋ] ADJ [dress, ideology] → estrecho
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What my sensations were no language can describe; but just as they all rose, stifling my breath and constricting my throat, a girl came up and passed me: in passing, she lifted her eyes.
In adults these constricting bands, whether expandable or non-expandable, are placed deliberately by the person himself for masturbation or by the female counterpart to prolong erection [4] .
The presence of these constricting devices results in a potential penile compartment syndrome with an initial obstruction of both venous and lymphatic outflow distal to the device followed by arterial inflow obstruction, ultimately resulting in tissue ischemia and necrosis.
Painted in dark acrylic on canvas, they feature rear shots of torsos half submerged in the ground with twisting branches, roots and shoots constricting the body.
Remove constricting rings or jewelry from the afflicted area before swelling starts.
11, 2001, disaster and Hurricane Katrina, alien reinsurers found themselves in a position where they had to dramatically increase their collateral as losses ceded to them spiked, constricting their ability to grow their business as the market hardened.
Eril prevents blood vessels from constricting with a new mechanism that inhibits the protein kinase, which is the last step in the vasoconstriction process.
The implication is that the MTA could be released from its constricting consent decree as soon as next year.
Compounds that inhibit PDE-5 block that enzyme's constricting effect on blood vessel cells, thereby easing blood flow.
Marika: There are a few beneficial practices you can do to help your circulation: dry brushing (gentle circular brushing upward following the lymph path) before your shower or bath; eliminate pore plugging creams and ointments; when you can, do not wear constricting bras; stretch, moderate exercise; increase your "good" water intake and be self expressive (there is always a nice way to express yourself to avoid suppression).
Austin writes, "The gender roles may have been constricting and the shoes were impossibly tight across the toes, but it's impossible to deny the now-guilty pleasures [of 1950s courtship rituals] .
Saying that the Independent Sector is not "taking up the cause of any particular organization", Peter Shiras, interim president and chief executive officer of the Independent Sector, said his organization became involved in the case because it believes consumers are adequately protected by existing laws and that constricting solicitors' ability to raise money violates their free speech rights.