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v. con·strued, con·stru·ing, con·strues
1. To understand or explain the meaning of (something), especially in a particular way; interpret: The waiter construed my smile as assent. The editorial construed the act as irresponsible. See Synonyms at explain.
2. Grammar
a. To analyze the structure of (a clause or sentence).
b. To use syntactically: The noun fish can be construed as singular or plural.
3. To translate, especially aloud.
1. To analyze grammatical structure.
2. To be subject to grammatical analysis.
n. (kŏn′stro͞o′)
An interpretation or translation.

[Middle English construen, from Late Latin cōnstruere, from Latin, to build; see construct.]

con·stru′al n.


an act of construing
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Noun1.construal - an interpretation of the meaning of something; the act of construing
interpretation - an explanation that results from interpreting something; "the report included his interpretation of the forensic evidence"
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In addition to its erroneous construal, Pakistan's education system is unquestionably skilled deficient too, in its praxis.
Usage of construal level theory (CLT) has developed rapidly in recent years, influencing understanding and interpretation of risk perception and behavior (Trope & Liberman, 2010).
All these studies have not given adequate attention to speaker-imposed construal distance and proximity in political discourse especially on security (on war on terror).
Given that psychologists have shown that construal levels can vastly impact outcomes such as self-esteem and goal pursuit, it is crucial to recognize the role that digitization of information might be having on this important aspect of cognition,' said Geoff Kaufman from Dartmouth College.
Bilingual, Construal Level Theory, Information Channels, Public Opinion Undocumented Immigration
How did we move from a condition where, in Christendom, people lived naively within a theistic construal, to one in which we all shunt between two stances, in which everyone's construal shows up as such; and in which, moreover, unbelief has become for many the major default option (2007, p.
People with interdependent construal tend to view 'self' as a whole, adjust one's behavior according to environment, adopt an indirect communication and pursue harmony with other people (Markus & Kitayama, 1991; Yates & de Oliveira, 2016).
According to Construal Level Theory (CLT), there are different levels of abstraction, i.
The Temporality of Prudence in Thomas Aquinas: Towards a Participatory Construal of Heidegger's Sorge, KEVIN E.
The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of the particles up and down in the strategic meaning construal of particle verbs (PVs) in blind and sighted users of English as L2.
Scientists from Dartmouth College in the US tested the basic question would processing the same information on a digital versus non-digital platform affect construal levels the fundamental level of concreteness versus abstractness that people use in perceiving and interpreting behaviours, events and other informational stimuli, this was reported by a private news channel quoting the study.
The construal level theory consists of several key components.