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v. con·strued, con·stru·ing, con·strues
1. To understand or explain the meaning of (something), especially in a particular way; interpret: The waiter construed my smile as assent. The editorial construed the act as irresponsible. See Synonyms at explain.
2. Grammar
a. To analyze the structure of (a clause or sentence).
b. To use syntactically: The noun fish can be construed as singular or plural.
3. To translate, especially aloud.
1. To analyze grammatical structure.
2. To be subject to grammatical analysis.
n. (kŏn′stro͞o′)
An interpretation or translation.

[Middle English construen, from Late Latin cōnstruere, from Latin, to build; see construct.]

con·stru′al n.
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an act of construing
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Noun1.construal - an interpretation of the meaning of something; the act of construing
interpretation - an explanation that results from interpreting something; "the report included his interpretation of the forensic evidence"
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The study centered on a psychological effect called 'mental construal'.
In future, researchers can measure the level of individuals' mental construal after their self-construal has been manipulated to further confirm this possibility.
The aim of this section is to provide a brief account of the notion of construal.
They cover categories and constructions in context, teaching construal and viewpoint, and polysemy.
This "big picture" perspective is what psychologists call "high-level construal" and involves creating psychological distance from the decision.
What animates the pacing of this whodunit, a touch over-ripe with detail (all scrupulously documented), is Monson's convincing construal of dialogue, in particular, his imaginative reinterpretation of the notaries' mediation between interrogators and witnesses.
On the other hand, Rehmat Ali Hasnie is more suitable among the construal employees.
The amendment stipulated that Article 8 of the Court of Cassation Law issued by Law Decree 8/1989 be replaced as follows: (Litigants may impugn before the Cassation Court verdicts issued by the High Civil or Sharia Court of Appeals in its appeals capacity in the following instances: 1- If the impugned verdict was based on a breach of law or error in its application or construal. 2- If the verdict or its procedures were unlawful as to affect the verdict.) The amendment cancelled Article 8/ditto of the Court of Cassation Law issued by Law Decree 8/1989.
In addition to its erroneous construal, Pakistan's education system is unquestionably skilled deficient too, in its praxis.
This code has been used in conjunction with other ingroup construal, such as: "Hamas," "Palestinian refugees," "national and Islamic factions," "Arab and Islamic nation" and "other segments of society." At the same time, it was uttered alongside the outgroup construals "the Israeli occupation," "people of conscience all over the world" and "regional and international countries." The ingroup actions associated with the "Palestinian People" were "the Palestinian cause," "autonomy and independence," "its national constants," "resistance against the Israeli occupation." This construal has been expressed through all the types of processes identified: material, verbal, relational and existential.
All these studies have not given adequate attention to speaker-imposed construal distance and proximity in political discourse especially on security (on war on terror).
Scientists from Dartmouth College in the US tested the basic question would processing the same information on a digital versus non-digital platform affect 'construal levels' the fundamental level of concreteness versus abstractness that people use in perceiving and interpreting behaviors, events and other informational stimuli.