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a. The act or process of constructing.
b. The art, trade, or work of building: an engineer trained in highway construction; worked in construction for seven years.
a. A structure, such as a building, framework, or model.
b. Something fashioned or devised systematically: a nation that was glorious in its historical construction.
c. An artistic composition using various materials; an assemblage or a collage.
3. The way in which something is built or put together: a shelter of simple construction.
4. The interpretation or explanation given to an expression or a statement: I was inclined to put a favorable construction on his reply.
5. Grammar An arrangement of words forming a grammatical phrase, clause, or sentence.

con·struc′tion·al adj.
con·struc′tion·al·ly adv.


[kənˈstrʌkʃənl] ADJestructural
constructional toyjuguete m con que se construyen modelos


adjbaulich; technique, toolBau-; fault, toyKonstruktions-
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Lattakia, SANA-Electricity Ministry launched on Tuesday the urban and constructional works, preparing for the infrastructure of a power generation station at al-Rasteen village in Lattakia countryside ahead of handing over the site to MAPNA Group of Iran that will carry out the project.
Speaking to KUNA, head of subsidies department at the ministry Salah Al-Rashidi said that the ministry was monitoring prices of constructional materials to make sure that no ill practices were taking place.
Jalal-Abad region: base metals, mining, processing, textile, refined products production, energy industry, constructional materials;
They are used in the constructional sites with restricted space.
He told that companies in the business of constructional machinery and material, agricultural machinery, mechanical equipment, solar panels, lights, auto- parts, industrial machinery, boilers, ceramics and other sectors will participate in the expo.
Constructional Approaches to Syntactic Structures in German
These commonalities can be represented as a constructional schema (Langacker 2013: 219).
Constructional Timber (Manufacturers) Ltd have agreed to offer their support to the club.
As per the MoU, @World will provide the available houses besides the designs, architectural and constructional solutions that will contribute to reducing the costs and raising the quality of the houses, said a statement from Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- The Chief Secretary (CS) of Azad Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Sakandar Sultan Raja has taken stringent action against the grant of constructional work to a firm after it was found guilty in an inquiry report.

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