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A person who construes a legal text or document in a specified way: a strict constructionist.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a person who interprets constitutional law in a certain way, esp strictly
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(kənˈstrʌk ʃə nɪst)

a person who construes or interprets, esp. laws or a constitution, in a specified manner: a strict constructionist.
con•struc′tion•ism, n.
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a person who puts a particular interpretation on provisions of the U.S. Constitution, especially those provisions dealing with the rights of individuals and states.
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OLPC is a non-profit organization funded by member organizations such as AMD, eBay, Google, News Corporation, Red Hat, and Marvell.The XO-1, previously known as the \"$100 Laptop\" or \"Children\'s Machine\", is an inexpensive laptop computer designed to be distributed to children in developing countries around the world,[27] to provide them with access to knowledge, and opportunities to \"explore, experiment and express themselves\" (constructionist learning).
The proposed learning model is called the CCAILM (constructionist computer aided instructional learning model).
Following remarks on the challenges and benefits of contextual studies of masculinity, contributors treat traditional male socialization in these cultures; the body image and health implications of resulting masculinities; and theoretical approaches (psychodynamic, social learning, social constructionist, and feminist).
One of the things that Hess originally, and most later historians and reviewers of the changes have agreed on, is that post-Mertonian science studies became "constructionist" under the influence of Bloor's strong program (and perhaps also under Collins 1985 "empirical program of relativism").
I argued that three trends had contributed to this devaluation, namely the medicalization of the profession, an emphasis on techniques training in counselor education programs, and the social constructionist movement.
It should not be too much constructionist policies in the grab of another form of protectionism," he added.
When it comes to cases involving commercial contracts, however, New York's courts take a strict constructionist approach.
Palin's solutions to the nation's energy problems, McCain's proposed health care plan, McCain's "strict constructionist" view of the Supreme Court, and the Republican candidate's stance on foreign policy issues.
His principal concession to social conservatives has been his pledge to "appoint strict constructionist judges." But waiting for judges to win the culture war has not been a successful strategy, which explains why some social conservatives have begun to wonder what they have earned by steadfastly supporting Republicans.
The development of the social constructionist movement in counseling is described.
The first edition of Sexual Conduct, published in 1973, has become the foundation text of what is now known as the "social constructionist" approach to sexuality.

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