constructive possession

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Noun1.constructive possession - (law) having the power and intention to have and control property but without direct control or actual presence upon it
possession, ownership - the act of having and controlling property
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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'It's just that many of them are drug mules or some of them, like in the case in Mexico we have constructive possession of drugs in a ship, but we make representations with the countries of destination that we ask for due process and speedy resolution of the case,' she said.
China may have "constructive possession" over the South China Sea but the Philippine still does not recognize such claims in the disputed territory, Malacanang declared on Thursday.
Remember, you were asking me I said, I called that legal or constructive possession because their explanation is the same as my explanation," Panelo said.
She argues that she never, in fact, has possessed the drugs, either under a theory of actual or constructive possession. Is she right that she never "possessed" the drugs?
"The stipulated evidence thus established that Stone had been in actual or constructive possession of a firearm, i.e., an AK-47 assault rifle, at his residence during the time period when the four controlled drug buys between Stone and the confidential informant took place at that location.
THE Office of the City Prosecutor in Makati has junked for lack of evidence the obstruction of justice and constructive possession of illegal drugs filed against three lawyers who allegedly interfered in the police operation on their client's establishment suspected of being a drug den.
Where a defendant was convicted of possession of drugs and a loaded firearm, the evidence was sufficient to prove constructive possession, but (1) the defendant's conviction of possession of ammunition must be reversed as duplicative of his conviction of possession of a loaded firearm and (2) the evidence was insufficient to support his conviction of malicious destruction of property over $250.
Attorney Sabrina Karels reminded us if the item in question is out of the safe and accessible to members of the family who aren't expressly licensed to possess and you are not present to supervise, those loved ones technically have "constructive possession" and are vulnerable to very serious Federal charges.
possession of the court." (29) Constructive possession allows the
Malachi argued that the jury should not have heard the instruction on constructive possession, and both appellate courts agreed that the instruction was improper.
[begin strikethrough]In order to establish constructive possession of an object that was in a place (defendant) did not control, the State must prove (defendant) (1) knew that the object was within [his] [her] presence and (2) exercised control or ownership over the object itself.[end strikethrough]

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