constructive trust

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Noun1.constructive trust - a trust created by a court (regardless of the intent of the parties) to benefit a party that has been wrongfully deprived of its rights
implied trust - a trust inferred by operation of law
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The legal principle was resulting or constructive trust.
Judicially, this conception of children's Dividends is likely sufficient to implicate a constructive trust under Alaska law, at least in cases where a parent claiming a Dividend on a child's behalf squanders the payout.
64) The basic idea, however, is that a constructive trust is one which is imposed on the defendant, rather than by the intention of the parties, (65) in response to unconscionable conduct by the defendant, such that equity will not allow the defendant to assert his beneficial interest in the property and deny the beneficial interest of the claimant.
3) The plaintiffs alleged tortious interference with inheritance, undue influence, unjust enrichment, accounting, constructive trust, and replevin.
In such cases, a constructive trust is deemed to have been created by operation of Article 1456 of the Civil Code over the property, which lawfully pertains to the conjugal partnership of the subsisting marriage.
The pilot responds to this consultation will be used for its specialist skills in the field of control and coordination, for its ability to exactly meet their needs and establish a sustainable and constructive trust.
If your intentions are not recorded at the time of purchase, this does not prevent a claim, as an interest can arise under a resulting, implied or constructive trust.
His Honour would have been prepared to make a declaration that the deceased's estate held a three quarter interest in the property on a constructive trust for the plaintiff.
He refines the test for determining the availability of a constructive trust and highlights the limits of its use in these situations.
The suit makes several requests of the court, including that it: find and declare that the defendants breached their fiduciary duties; find the defendants are personally liable to restore losses to the plan that resulted from such fiduciary breaches; order the defendants to disgorge all revenues received from the plan; award actual monetary losses to the plan; impose a constructive trust so that any monies by which defendants were enriched as a result of their fiduciary breaches are returned to the plan; remove fiduciaries that have breached their duties and prevent them from committing future breaches; and award plaintiffs and the class their attorneys' fees and costs.
Here, the Court found that the defendant held the fund on a constructive trust in favour of the claimant.

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