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tr.v. con·struct·ed, con·struct·ing, con·structs
1. To form by assembling or combining parts; build.
2. To create (an argument or a sentence, for example) by systematically arranging ideas or terms.
3. Mathematics To draw (a geometric figure) that meets specific requirements.
n. (kŏn′strŭkt′)
1. Something formed or constructed from parts.
a. A concept, model, or schematic idea: a theoretical construct of the atom.
b. A concrete image or idea: "[He] began to shift focus from the haunted constructs of terror in his early work" (Stephen Koch).

[Latin cōnstruere, cōnstrūct- : com-, com- + struere, to pile up; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]

con·struct′i·ble adj.
con·struc′tor, con·struct′er n.
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Noun1.constructor - someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)
boatbuilder - a person who builds boats
contractor - someone (a person or firm) who contracts to build things
contractor - (law) a party to a contract
homebuilder, home-builder, housebuilder, house-builder - someone who builds houses as a business
jerry-builder - someone who builds cheap buildings out of poor materials on speculation for a quick profit
road builder - someone whose business is to build roads
ship builder, shipbuilder - a person who builds ships as a business


or constructer
A person or business that makes or builds something:
بانِ، مِعْماري


[kənˈstrʌktəʳ] Nconstructor m


[kənˈstrʌktər] n [machine, vehicle] → constructeur/trice m/f


(kənˈstrakt) verb
to build; to put together. They are planning to construct a new supermarket near our house; Construct a sentence containing `although'.
conˈstruction (-ʃən) noun
1. (a way of) constructing or putting together. The bridge is still under construction.
2. something built. That construction won't last long.
conˈstructive (-tiv) adjective
helpful; having to do with making, not with destroying. Constructive criticism tells you both what is wrong and also what to do about it.
conˈstructively adverb
conˈstructor noun
a person who constructs. a constructor of bridges.
construction site
a building site.
construction worker
a builder.
References in classic literature ?
As an inventor and constructor of machines I know that to be true.
Had the ingenuity of the constructors of the projectile obtained any happy result?
ASA and FASA will redouble efforts to educate lawmakers, industry leaders, educators and students about the importance of and practical need for certifying the professional constructor," said FASA President Dick Kohls, vice president of finance, The Fenton Rigging Co.
Ferris State University Library of Information, Technology and Education (Owner - Ferris State University; Designer - Neumann/Smith & Associates; Constructor - Granger Construction Company)
It combines the live cell image acquisition features in InVivo with the analytical tools in Image-Pro Analyzer as well as the interactive 3D rendering functionality in 3D Constructor.
We are pleased to introduce PDF Constructor, which marks Apago's entry into the rapidly growing variable data publishing market," says Dwight Kelly, founder and CEO of Apago Inc.
Our constructor class of tools puts more control in the hands of our users, becoming an increasingly valuable competitive weapon in their race for differentiation and time to market.
JBA Constructor solves both of these problems allowing both new and old application components to be assembled into business solutions rapidly and securely without modification to any program code.
Developed for the defense, geographical information systems (GIS), healthcare, visual-simulation and manufacturing industries, NGRAIN Constructor 3.
The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) is the sponsoring organization for the Constructor Certification Program.
During the economic downturn, our internal risk management controls were elevated to a point that created unintended roadblocks in getting our subcontractor partners paid as quickly as possible," said Ben Stellor, President, JHL Constructors.
Mike Hilberath has joined Terra Site Constructors, LLC as a Superintendent.