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v. con·sult·ed, con·sult·ing, con·sults
a. To seek advice or information of: consult an attorney.
b. To refer to: consulted the restaurant's website for directions.
2. To take into account; consider: consult one's checkbook before making a major purchase.
1. To exchange views; confer.
2. To work or serve as a consultant: a retired executive who consults for several large companies.
n. (kən-sŭlt′, kŏn′sŭlt′)
A consultation, especially one involving physicians.

[French consulter, from Latin cōnsultāre, frequentative of cōnsulere, to take counsel.]

con·sult′er n.
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Si vous desirez obtenir la version francaise de ce communique, veuillez consulter le
Il faut obligatoirement consulter et ne pas s'auto-diagnostiquer et traiter soi-meme.
"Les jeunes qui ressentent des douleurs thoraciques hesitent a consulter un medecin ce qui peut les exposer a de graves complications comme la crise cardiaque", a precise le Pr.
Elle a dit que les membres du comite devraient ecouter toutes les parties interessees et consulter les legislations des pays avec des experiences similaires comme le Soudan.
Le ministere de l'enseignement superieur et de la recherche scientifique invite les candidats du deuxieme tour a consulter le guide de la capacite restante reservee aux candidats du deuxieme tour via le site et a saisir leurs choix du 19 au 23 juillet 2014.
George Brandis, the Australian Legal Consulter, pronounced that the Australian Government has recognized East Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.
Je ne sais pas qui consulter, faut-il aller voir un generaliste, un neurologue ou un autre specialiste ?
"Framed/Unframed" exhibition, which was opened today by Museum Consulter, Vera Tamari, along with Birzeit University Director, Khalil Hindi, and a number of employees and students, showcased art works of 19 male and female artists from Palestine and abroad.
Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir received today at Bkerki residence PM consulter Dawood Sayeg and surveyed with him domestic matters and developments.

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