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 (kən-sŭl′tə-tĭv) also con·sul·tive (-sŭl′tĭv) or con·sul·ta·to·ry (-tôr′ē)
Of or relating to consultation; advisory.
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Adj.1.consultive - giving adviceconsultive - giving advice; "an advisory memorandum", "his function was purely consultative"
informatory, informative - providing or conveying information
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"There's a huge shortage of counsellors, psychologists and indeed consultive psychiatrists."
Among the functions are to develop and implement activities to promote federalism campaign; prepare an information dissemination and communication plan; undertake consultations with former members of the Consultive Committee, government agencies, private sector, and public; liaise with Congress to initiate the process and address roadblocks to constitutional reform.
The decision was taken in the light of a consultive high-level meeting regarding water shortage in the capital last month.
cardiologists, urologists, endodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons Tertiary Patient needs Specialised consultive to see more healthcare, usually for inpatients than one and on referral from a primary or specialist secondary health professional, in a facility that has personnel and facilities for advanced medical investigation and treatment, such as a tertiary referral hospital Quaternary Patient The term quaternary care is requires a sometimes used as an extension multidisciplinary of tertiary care with regard to team advanced levels of medicine, which are highly specialised and not widely accessed, e.g.
cooperative, consultive, dialogue-heavy shared governance process...
Peter Chapman, a Unison representative and lead for police staff in the North East, speaking from the Police Staff Conference in Southport, said: "We've already had a consultive ballot where we asked members if they object to the pay offer of 1% and if they are willing to take part in action up to and including industrial action.
These were teams of behavioral health providers who could deploy and maneuver far forward on the battlefield to provide consultive support.
The National Institute of Building Sciences 2013 report, Moving Forward: Findings and Recommendations from the Consultive Council, spans five key areas: The Building Workforce; Guidance on the Use of Non-Potable Water; Understanding the Energy/ Water Nexus; Supporting the Existing State and Local Building Regulatory Infrastructure; and, Developing the Business Case for Private Sector Investment in Hazard Mitigation.

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