consumer finance company

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Noun1.consumer finance company - a finance company that makes loans to people who have trouble getting a bank loan
finance company - a financial institution (often affiliated with a holding company or manufacturer) that makes loans to individuals or businesses
industrial bank, industrial loan company - a finance company that makes small loans to industrial workers
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is a consumer finance company that specializes in purchasing, selling and servicing retail automobile dealers located throughout the United States.
AutoTrakk, LLC, a Montoursville, PA, based consumer finance company, has developed an innovative new program to offer short term leasing (2-3 years) through new car dealers to credit challenged customers on late model used cars.
Nayifat is a leading Islamic consumer finance company in Saudi Arabia providing loans to consumers and small to medium-sized companies.
Jeffrey Gould, president and chief executive officer of BRT said, "We are extremely pleased to enter into this relationship with such a highly regarded and successful commercial and consumer finance company.

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