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1. The movement seeking to protect and inform consumers by requiring such practices as honest packaging and advertising, product guarantees, and improved safety standards.
2. The theory that a progressively greater consumption of goods is economically beneficial.
3. Attachment to materialistic values or possessions: deplored the rampant consumerism of contemporary society.

con·sum′er·ist n.
con·sum′er·is′tic adj.
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[kənˈsjuːmərɪst] adj (pejorative) [society] → consuméristeconsumer protection ndéfense f du consommateurconsumer society nsociété f de consommationconsumer watchdog norganisme m pour la défense des consommateurs
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On the one hand, his consumerist view tends to homogenize the economic patterns and culture of all the larger cities of Upper Italy, including, in the south, even royal Naples and clerical Rome; on the other, he showcases the example of Florence which, like Venice, was one of the most atypical of cities - atypical in its private habits of meticulous accounting, its piles of distinctive ricordanze, and its comparative socio-political openness, strong ruminating bent, and astonishing literary output.
Indeed, the "reader as customer" -- or consumerist -- model is so ingrained in the current generation of newspeople that it's hard to tear it free and expose it as a historical aberration, one that has pointed the news industry in the wrong direction and must, if we are to survive, be overthrown.
Mr Papworth claimed the big stores deserved shoplifters because of their "consumerist propaganda" and the damage they caused to local communities.
This article explores the scope for developing consumerist principles in the context of the courts and their treatment of defendants.
Just to take a look." So, while Newfoundland does embrace the new economic ethos in the characters of Pis Parsons and Calvin's entrepreneurial former partner Iris Hussey (Brenda Devine), it also resists the frenzied pull of North American consumerist culture in the lonely, loveable figure of Calvin Euripides Pope, a walking, talking bewildered embodiment of the dialectics of progress and contemporary Newfoundland history.
Members of Generation X - adults in their 20s - experience the same spiritual hunger everyone else does, Ludwig told NCR, and they have been left hungry by a consumerist culture that has offered them Spirit substitutes.
In the months before his death Pasolini waged a campaign as a political journalist against the "genocide Marx prophesied in the Manifesto," a consumerist "genocide in the form of the suicide of an entire country." He called for the immediate abolition of television, explaining that "genocide" was the "acculturation by the power of consumerism" through the tool of television, that would soon overcome the difference between fascists and anti-fascists in a common imbecility.
"Assessing the Quality of Health Care" A consumerist Approach." Healthcare Marketing Quarterly 10(1-2):121-41, Summer-Fall 1992.
Self's style is at times hallucinatory and fragmentary, combining where dreams really take us with poignant observations about the modern consumerist world.
Everyone I saw was grim and irritable, spending money on stuff no one wanted or would use, but not daring to violate the crazed consumerist ethos of the holidays.
Claims payment records have been blatantly ignored in the consumerist analyses of the industry, and even the NAIC's brochure doesn't address this strongly enough, in my view.
Thus, many in the industrial lands have a sense that their world of plenty is somehow hollow-that, hoodwinked by a consumerist culture, they have been fruitlessly attempting to satisfy what are essentially social, psychological, and spiritual needs with material things.

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