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1. One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing.
2. Ecology A heterotrophic organism that ingests other organisms or organic matter in a food chain.

con·sum′er·ship′ n.
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the state of being a consumer
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e., of consumers who are at the same time producers, engaging in active consumership and co-production.
Considering the dynamic of the current relationships among local governments, localities, and states in shaping policies for metropolitan regions, the book assesses whether state legislatures can revitalize intergovernmental partnerships and whether municipal managers can transition their thinking from regional consumership to regional citizenship.
As a consequence of all this, the relations of literacy and citizenship must be complemented by looking also at reading and consumership. At stake in reading is not only the education of responsible citizens but also the enjoyment of consumers.
The corporate drive to satisfy a consumership heavily reliant on perceptions of Southern nostalgia sets the framework for Dreaming of Dixie, yet one who expects to uncover a thorough analysis of how and why non-Southerners "dreamed" of Dixie will be met with a more comprehensive examination of how diverse entities participated in the process of marketing the South.
The communist period showed a homology in the relationship between production and consumption and the investment policies in Soviet--style socialism has displayed constant contempt towards consumership, primarily focusing on the production of capital goods that represented a way of preserving and increasing power.
students also develop skills relevant to the consumership of research through the completion of their doctoral research paper, which often takes the form of an extensive critique of the literature in a focused clinical area.
Lavender is grounded, is not so much as a particular type or style of music as "a site of women's thinking about music, and an example of the type of community building that the meld of music performance, identity politics, and music consumership can facilitate'" (p.
"The experiment also tests VOD consumership country by country, since Unifrance will unveil subscription details post-festival," says Yoann Ubermulhin, international sales head at Pyramide, which is handling "Wolberg Family" and Frederic Mermoud's "Partners," also unspooling online.