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smart card

A plastic card containing a microchip and enabling the holder to purchase goods and services, enter restricted areas, access medical, financial, or other records, or perform other operations requiring data stored on the microchip.
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smart card

(Computer Science) a plastic card with integrated circuits used for storing and processing computer data. Also called: laser card or intelligent card
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smart′ card`

a small plastic card usu. embedded with an electronic memory chip, used for financial transactions, identification, as a key, etc.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: card - a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessorsmart card - a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor; typically used to perform financial transactions
positive identification - evidence proving that you are who you say you are; evidence establishing that you are among the group of people already known to the system; recognition by the system leads to acceptance; "a system for positive identification can prevent the use of a single identity by several people"
charge account credit, open-end credit, revolving credit - a consumer credit line that can be used up to a certain limit or paid down at any time
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بِطاقَه ذَكِيَّه
paměťová karta
intelligens kártyamemóriakártya
čipová kreditná karta
pametna kartica
akıllı kartmikrodevre kartı


(smaːt) adjective
1. neat and well-dressed; fashionable. You're looking very smart today; a smart suit.
2. clever and quick in thought and action. We need a smart boy to help in the shop; I don't trust some of those smart salesmen.
3. brisk; sharp. She gave him a smart slap on the cheek.
1. (of part of the body) to be affected by a sharp stinging feeling. The thick smoke made his eyes smart.
2. to feel annoyed, resentful etc after being insulted etc. He is still smarting from your remarks.
the stinging feeling left by a blow or the resentful feeling left by an insult. He could still feel the smart of her slap/insult.
ˈsmarten (often with up) verb
to make or become smarter. He has smartened up a lot in appearance lately.
ˈsmartly adverb
The soldiers stood smartly to attention; She is always smartly dressed.
ˈsmartness noun
ˈsmart bomb noun
a bomb that is designed to locate the target and hit it accurately.
ˈsmart card noun
an advanced version of a credit card, with a computer memory, which can be used for such purposes as paying money and identification.
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uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Readersupports ISO/IEC 14443 and combines contactless and NFC smart card reader technology.
As experts in RFID and security, they offer proximity and contactless smart card encoding solutions, asset management solutions, and access control solutions for a wide range of ID card printers and card technologies.
The authors demonstrated the side-channel vulnerability of the Mifare DESFire MF3ICD40 contactless smart card using this approach.
It integrates several technologies, including a privacy-sensitive scrambling keypad, contact and contactless smart card readers, biometric fingerprint reader, and LCD display.
Currently available are EdgeReader, an integrated contactless smart card reader and access control processor, and EdgePlus, an access control processor that works with any reader.
The line of wallets incorporates radio-frequency (RF) shielding material to protect the data on the growing number of credit cards that feature the new "Contactless Smart Card Technology."
This series of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card solutions include full sector/file programmability, encryption key management and outputs.
The future DMDC roadmap for the program includes expanded use of biometrics and movement toward a contactless smart card.
Rather than two randomly generated passwords, only one is required, held on a contactless smart card token.
The project, carried out by BearingPoint Inc for the US Department of Defense Biometrics Management Office, involves the development of contactless smart card technologies with biometrics to improve security at the Department's facilities.
Sony and Philips both have contactless smart card technologies which are incompatible with each other.