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 (kŏn′tăk′tər, kən-tăk′-)
An electrical relay used to control the flow of power in a circuit.


(Electronics) a type of switch for repeatedly opening and closing an electric circuit. Its operation can be mechanical, electromagnetic, or pneumatic


(ˈkɒn tæk tər, kənˈtæk tər)

a switch for continuously establishing and interrupting an electric power circuit.
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For this purposes, recently a membrane-based extraction system using a hollow-fiber membrane contactor has been investigated by several researchers.
They are available in both contactor versions and reversing contactor versions.
I also had to take off the contactor cover because this contactor was in a much smaller area than the first one.
It was caused by an overheated electrical contactor in a lighting control panel, which was "quickly isolated" by onsite fire crews.
This strategic expansion will increase the production capacity of hollow fiber membrane array and membrane contactors to keep up with growing markets.
Watlow previously did not supply the current transformer or mechanical contactor.
Residents of Kirklevington Village, Stockton, will be among the first on Teesside to have their waste water treated by two rotative biological contactors.
Asia-Pacific leads the vacuum contactor market globally with the biggest market share and is expected to grow with a high CAGR among the other regions.
Browse 71 market data tables and 53 figures spread through 180 pages and in-depth TOC on "Vacuum Contactor Market - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020"
However, if a contactor phase contact has been damaged due to the condition described above, then a volt drop across that contact will occur, giving rise to a voltage imbalance to the motor.
FormFactor's new technology can reduce the contactor pitch for an area array from approximately 200 microns to less than 20 microns.
The patented Extra-Flow design incorporates a baffle in the middle of the contactor, which directs the liquid radially across the array.