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No; Miss Polly would let concealment prey on her damask cheeks and still smile on in the novel fashion, or turn sister of charity and nurse the heartless lover through small-pox, or some other contagious disease, and die seraphically, leaving him to the agonies of remorse and tardy love.
I saw no evidence of any contagious diseases during all my stay.
From the Old French glandres ("glands") describing the enlargement of the parotid or submaxillary lymph nodes that is pathognomonic of the disease, glanders is a contagious disease of horses.
Director of Information health-care sector in Heat said to NINA exporter : "The Department of Health of Anbar province formed a specialized medical team to treat the effected as soon as in precautionary measure to stop the contagious disease between the citizens and students.
CONTAGIOUS A contagious disease is one that's transferred from one person to another by ordinary social contact, such as by sharing a home, workplace, school or institution.
Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a contagious disease that causes violent coughing fits that make it hard to breathe.
Saying pain behaviors is a contagious disease may be more to the point.
What is happening in Sudan could become a contagious disease that affects the whole of Africa," Kadhafi said during the opening of an Arab-Africa summit in Sirte.
I am being treated like a person with contagious disease," Nalini stated.
Richard Hillman, chief veterinary surgeon at the Hillman Group in Walsall, said: "Parvovirus is an extremely contagious disease among dogs that can be fatal - and this recent discovery may indicate a new outbreak.
It's not like a dedication to Democratic values is a contagious disease they're going to catch if they meet in the same room with us,'' said Rep.
A) a contagious disease that causes abnormal growths in the lungs and other tissues

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