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tr.v. con·tained, con·tain·ing, con·tains
a. To have within; hold: a bin that contains rice.
b. To be capable of holding: These barrels contain 50 gallons.
2. To have as a component or constituent part; include: Does the soup contain meat? The poem contains many famous lines.
a. To hold or keep within limits; restrain: I could hardly contain my curiosity.
b. To halt the spread or development of; check: Science sought an effective method of containing the disease.
4. To check the expansion or influence of (a hostile power or ideology) by containment.
5. Mathematics To be exactly divisible by.

[Middle English conteinen, from Old French contenir, from Latin continēre : com-, com- + tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

con·tain′a·ble adj.
Synonyms: contain, hold1, accommodate
These verbs mean to have or be able to have within. Contain means to have within or have as a part or constituent: The box contained emergency medical supplies. The book contains some amusing passages.
Hold stresses capacity for containing: The gas tank holds 15 gallons when full.
Accommodate refers to capacity for holding comfortably: The restaurant accommodates 50 customers.
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45pm and I was told it was containable, it would have been if we had enough appliances responding.
As a result, challenges that may have been containable at the outset expand and escalate, becoming more complicated because of their hypocritical input.
He said the NAB had devised a Containable Grading System (QGS) to monitor the performance of all its regions on annual basis.
Trump was not my choice in the Republican primary, but I fear him far less, and find him more containable (to wit: his choice of VP, a terrific conservative in Mike Pence) than Crooked, Corrupt and Lying Hillary.
Our analysis suggests that Zika spread is not containable, but that the epidemic will burn itself out within two to three years.
Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London, said: "Our analysis suggests Zika spread is not containable but that the epidemic will burn itself out within two to three years.
Pain free" is an elusive goal for me, but my pain IS containable with cannabis.
It's a regional loss and therefore de facto, it's far more containable.
To be sure, each threat on its own seems containable.
We are trying to figure out the specific combination of iron minerals and their environment that causes Tc to switch from a form that spreads easily to one that is containable.
I anticipate that in the region we will be safe if any Ebola patients do need to be treated at the RVI as the infection is containable with the correct expertise, education and training of key health personnel.
With both the MHS head and nurses publicly warning in recent months that the situation is barely containable, increased cases of drug users who may have no interest in the treatment they are offered may well be a waste of resources.