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Oh, monsieur, it is one of the axioms of mathematics that the container must be greater than the contained.
Cromwell is dead, and his container is now the tomb.
Meriem seized the receptacle as the possible container of extra ammunition.
Hastily he gathered up the precious gems and returned them to their container, while Mugambi, assuming an air of indifference, strolled down to the river for his bath.
The next day he mounted the private staircase and had himself ushered into the minister's presence by the lackeys, who considered the money and the keeper of money, the contents and the container, the idea and the form, as one and the same power.
6 percent and reflects the highest PET container collection volume to date.
The most important step is designing the container so that the handle can be properly processed.
As part of their Hwy H2O marketing initiative, the corporation is promoting container shipping on the Great Lakes with the arrival last month in Duluth, Minn.
Any slow-growing plant can be kept in a 15-gallon container for at least a decade, and probably longer by means of root pruning.
Tracking down the boxes in forward areas outside of container yards was especially challenging, Edward said.
Let the container roll backwards and place a piece of tape where it stops again.
For while some seaports around the world increasingly use container scanning technology to defend against terrorist movement, U.