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v. con·tain·er·ized, con·tain·er·iz·ing, con·tain·er·iz·es
1. To package (cargo) in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling.
2. To adapt (an industry or shipping operation) to the use of such containers.
To convert to the use of containerized cargo.

con·tain′er·i·za′tion (-tā′nər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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The total import cargo of 54,119 tonnes comprised 12,608 tonnes of containerized cargo, 41,511 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.
Contract notice: Purchase of 2 containerized lorries
2 billion from port operations revenues last year, and an increase in containerized cargo volume.
2 billion in revenue generated from its seaport operations, posting a 3-percent annual increase on account of a 12-percent hike in the volume of containerized cargo processed in the Subic port.
With LCA, Nexus Lifecycle customers can now automatically govern open source hygiene for containerized applications in the same way they have long governed hygiene for non-containerized applications.
This growth is attributed to increased handling of Petroleum Oil Lubricants (POL) imports, chemicals, containerized cargo, LPG and LNG.
The global trends in the shipping industry have drastically changed with containerized cargo shipments taking over the bulk cargos.
The mobile containerized data center known as the Tencent West Lab uses indirect evaporative free cooling to lower its electricity consumption.
USPRwire, Wed Sep 02 2015] A containerized data center is a portable data center pre-installed inside a shipping container.
Purisima, the EDC said in a statement that it would seek to amend the proposed Customs Administrative Order (CAO) on the LPS requirement and advanced import clearance system for bulk, break-bulk, containerized and other non-containerized cargoes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 7, 2012-Bolt Technology Corporation divests Containerized Delivery System to Oceaneering International Inc for undisclosed sum(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Because they are small, self-contained environments, containerized data centers can be made highly energy-efficient.