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v. con·tain·er·ized, con·tain·er·iz·ing, con·tain·er·iz·es
1. To package (cargo) in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling.
2. To adapt (an industry or shipping operation) to the use of such containers.
To convert to the use of containerized cargo.

con·tain′er·i·za′tion (-tā′nər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Walmart, the largest importer of containerized goods in 2018, according to Susquehanna Financial Group, raised full-year guidance on U.S.
Shipments of imported grains, such as wheat, rice and corn, are now shifting into containerized cargoes from the previous break bulk cargo handling for cost efficiency and convenience in light of increased importation of grains into the country.
Now, the company is putting its proven, well-established solutions into modular, containerized systems and are showing them to the market, offering UltraCRUSH and UltraWASH.
Nel ASA (OSE:NEL), a supplier of hydrogen technology for industrial and energy purposes, announced on Monday that Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser, a division of the company, has received a purchase order for a two megawatt (MW) containerized Proton PEM electrolyser, as part of a 30 MW framework agreement with Hydrospider AG, an affiliated company of H2 Energy.
Lito Atienza has urged President Duterte to order the compulsory preshipment inspection (PSI) of all 'containerized imports' to thwart the large-scale smuggling of illegal drugs through the Port of Manila.
Lito Atienza urged President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday to order the compulsory pre-shipment inspection (PSI) of all containerized imports to prevent the large-scale smuggling of illegal drugs into the country.
Deeper visibility into containers by mapping runtime behaviour to gain a multi-dimensional (network, storage and system) and comprehensive understanding of applications running in a containerized environment.
Despite the clear advantages, container adoption can be challenging due to concerns about security, compatibility with workload managers and technical challenges providing containerized applications access to MPI, InfiniBand, GPUs and other essential capabilities.
ATI's terminals handle containerized and non-containerized cargoes, bulk and break-bulk cargoes, roll-on/roll-off shipment and passengers.
dynamic containerized environments with storage-as-a-service for containerized,
'Compelling containerized trucks to stay in the same park with petroleum tanker trucks is dangerous due to the inflammable products the tanker trucks carry.